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Global Smart Cities - London Ranked 17

Global Smart Cities - London Ranked 17
Nov 10
👤 by Cathryn Ellis

Copenhagen, Denmark is the smartest city, with a thriving business ecosystem, high proliferation of smart parking and forward thinking urban development, says a recent study. London ranks as number 17 in the index.

The study was conducted on behalf of the smart parking app, EasyPark and presented in Stockholm (the firm's home city) - which followed Singapore on the Smart Cities List. The study was undertaken not only to highlight those metropolises which are on the forefront of smart urban growth but also to learn from those cities which are showing impressive acceleration towards making life smoother for their citizens through digitalisation.

500 cities were selected and then analysed for 19 factors aiming to define what makes a city ‘smart’, beginning with digitalisation - meaning 4G, high-speed internet and high smartphone penetration.

Next came transport and mobility, which should be knowledge based with smart parking, traffic sensors and car sharing apps - according to EasyPark (not suprisingly). A smart city should also be sustainable, with a focus on clean energy and environmental protection. Lastly, there should be online access to governmental services and a high level of citizen participation.

These factors, and more, were then analysed to determine the final index of 100 cities. To round off the study and add a human element, the research team then asked 20,000 technology and urban planning journalists to rate how smart their cities are.


Big data

“Big Data has changed the face of the world as we know it because it allows us to create better solutions to real world problems. Without better solutions, global urbanisation would lead to problems such as traffic congestion, housing shortages and pollution - by using Big Data, we can help tackle these important global issues. In our case, we target mobility and help reduce the footprint of driving traffic while creating a much more welcoming experience for drivers.” said Mauritz Börjeson, CBDO of EasyPark Group. “Every city in this index deserves to be applauded for their efforts, and while the results clearly indicate those cities which are leaps and bounds ahead, it also brings to attention the admirable efforts of many cities looking forward towards a smart future.”

 To see the full 19 factor data Click Here


Below you can find a sample of the results for the top 20 smartest cities, showing six example factors to give an overview of the data: 

Further findings:

Montreal, Canada ranks first for smart parking, followed by Copenhagen, Denmark and Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver, Canada ranks first for car sharing services, followed by Washington D.C., USA and Berlin, Germany.

Helsingborg, Sweden ranks first for traffic, followed by Västerås, Sweden and Bayreuth, Germany.

Singapore ranks first for public transport, followed by Taipei, Taiwan and Zurich, Switzerland.

Reykjavik, Iceland ranks first for clean energy, followed by Norwegian cities Oslo, Trondheim, Stavanger and Bergen who come jointly second.

Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland rank joint first for smart building and waste disposal.

Panama City, Panama ranks first overall for environmental protection, followed by Swedish cities Helsingborg and Västerås.

Singapore ranks first for citizen participation, followed by Australian cities Adelaide and Melbourne.

Stockholm, Sweden ranks first for digitalization of government, followed by Helsingborg, Sweden and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Helsinki, Finland, Trondheim, Norway and Stuttgart, Germany rank joint first for urban planning. 

Boston, USA ranks first for education, followed by American cities Los Angeles and Chicago.

Boston, USA ranks first for business ecosystem, followed by fellow American cities San Francisco and Washington D.C.

Melbourne, Australia ranks first for 4G, followed by fellow Australian cities Sydney and Perth.

San Francisco, USA ranks first for internet speed, followed by Bucharest, Romania and New York, USA.

New York, USA ranks first for Wifi hotspots, followed by London, UK and Seoul, South Korea.

Luxembourg, Luxembourg ranks first for smartphone penetration, followed by South Korean cities Seoul and Daejeon.

Swiss cities Zurich and Geneva rank first and second for living standards, followed by Stavanger, Norway.

Boston, USA is considered to be the smartest city according to experts and journalists, followed by Singapore, Singapore and  Espoo, Finland.

Picture: London ranks 17th of the top 20 smartest cities index


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