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Energy Renewals

Energy Renewals - SMART Energy Management Specialists

What do we do?
We provide SMART energy management for businesses from SMEs to large corporations and multi-site companies; we operate across market sectors including retail, hotels, charities and both private and public sector organisations.

We understand that no two businesses are quite the same and we therefore tailor our solutions to maximise savings and deliver the very best return on investment for our customers.

Our team of energy experts make sure you buy your utilities at the right price; you use no more energy than you really need too and we eliminate any waste or unnecessary usage to deliver true cost savings that go straight to your bottom line.

Our services include:-  

  • Smart energy procurement
  • Account management
  • Bill validation
  • Energy audits 
  • Site assessment 
  • Smart billing 
  • Consumption reduction 

We embrace technologies such as BMS control systems, LED lighting and biomass together with combining heat and power contracts, renewal management to maximise current market offerings and voltage and boiler optimisation, to deliver a complete energy solution.

What is the return?
We offer a suite of products that can be supplied and installed to suit your financial policy and risk assessment requirements and typically we provide a return on investment of within 1-2 years for most solutions.

Talk to us today so we can develop your bespoke energy solution.
The Energy Team
Energy Renewals Limited

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Latest Blog From Energy Renewals

Make energy monitoring your first step to reducing consumption and bills
By Ken Warner

Effective energy management reduces consumption which results in lower bills and in a climate where energy costs are on an upward trajectory, it’s one of the few ways companies can reduce costs. The first step to achieving this goal is energy monitoring.

Buildings account for 40% of global energy use and are responsible for 30% of total global CO2 emissions. In addition, our electricity consumption is expected to increase by more than 70% by 2030. If the UK is to achieve its 2050 Climate Change Act targets, we need to put measures in place to reduce our energy use in buildings, particularly, our workplaces.

To better manage our energy consumption at work and reduce energy bills, first we need to monitor and measure our usage.  Smart metering and advanced monitoring technology provides us with the data we need to identify where energy consumption can be reduced and savings made.

Once a business has accurate and understandable insights into energy usage, improvements can be put in place making the monitoring and metering process the most crucial element. Without taking this first step, businesses will never be able to either measure energy reduction or identify where efficiencies can be made.

Energy metering helps businesses identify defects and inefficiencies which can be tackled to improve building performance with more sophisticated technology enabling companies to reduce consumption at peak times. And with an increasingly regulatory landscape which is demanding better building efficiency, companies, landlords and managed agents need to give serious thought on how to implement an effective energy management programme.

Metering technology is becoming more advanced providing the in-depth information needed to improve energy efficiencies. Sophisticated software gathers the data and presents it in a way that’s accessible and tangible enabling action to be taken.

But many commercial landlords, managed agents and facilities managers are yet to get out of the starting blocks when it comes to implementing an energy management strategy. This first step of putting monitoring technology in place and then turning the data into action isn’t as insurmountable as it may appear.

First, you need to benchmark your energy journey which means undertaking an audit to understand usage before taking steps to implement monitoring software to find those areas where savings can be made. Once you have cleared these two hurdles, you can introduce measures to reduce consumption and lower bills. On-going monitoring is vital to ensure your energy management programme remains on track and additional ways to reduce consumption are identified.

If you don’t have the resource or expertise in-house, you can hand over the entire project to specialists who can undertake the audit and put together a bespoke energy management programme leaving you to focus on the demands of your business.

If you would like to discuss an audit and energy monitory options, please email our senior energy consultant Graham Borét or call him on 01753 208 125 or 07818 401 095.