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Global warming and the rising tide of waste has driven incredible technological innovations. Businesses are now more conscious and aware of the need to find hidden costs that can be removed by new breakthrough technologies.

In that context, SAVORTEX Limited is a UKTI backed and Innovate UK funded, British, multi-award winning Green Technology Company. They design, manufacture and supply the most advanced, environmental and smart hand drying technology for the global washroom market. 

Energy and waste costs for a building can be identified and turned into profit through smart technology that produces actionable data. In that context, SAVORTEX wants to replace costly, unsustainable paper towels with smart hand-dryers that offer so much more than effectively dried hands. Outdated, energy-hungry hand-dryers currently produce 9.2 million tons of CO2 annually, costing businesses £1.75 billion a year.

SAVORTEX has built the world's first IoT-enabled messaging hand-dryer to disrupt this inefficient sector and transform corporate washrooms into smart spaces. Built on Intel® technology, the SAVORTEX AdDryer uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver energy and waste savings, alert cleaners to washroom needs based on actual footfall, and engage consumers with tailored, high-definition video messages, allowing enterprises to transform wasteful and costly commercial washrooms into connected, hygienic, and sustainable revenue-producing assets.

"We are leading a smart energy-saving revolution,” said Syed Ahmed, Managing Director at SAVORTEX. “It takes an incredible five gallons of water to produce just one pound of paper. Thirty percent of paper goes to waste in corporate buildings, and washroom waste is a large part of that. In brief, there’s a lot going to waste that shouldn’t be.”