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Saturday, 7 December

Top 10 Global Corporate Real Estate Trends


Flexible workspaces and smart technology will be the drivers of corporate real estate growth in 2018 says JLL as it reveals the Top 10 Global Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Trends in an annual analysis which identifies the key factors influencing corporate occupiers’ decision making.

The study reveals that the rise in demand for flexible workspaces, the emergence of a more dynamic workforce and an increasing focus on employee performance and wellbeing will dominate global CRE strategies. The adoption of smart real estate technologies and digitisation of buildings will also continue to transform the industry and shape the future of work.

Tom Carroll, head of corporate research, EMEA, JLL, said: “Real estate is an engine for innovation and growth. As the workforce becomes more flexible and dynamic, organisations are building more agile environments to embrace this transformation. We expect more businesses to ‘humanise’ their workplace through digitisation and smart technologies, using employee satisfaction, performance and wellbeing as the new way to measure success.”


Additional key trends identified in this report include:

Innovation culture. The rise of a work environment that supports creativity, cross-collaboration and innovation will be key to future-proofing corporate real estate strategies.

Digital drive. Integrated technology driven ecosystems will transform companies and drive new levels of performance.

Adaptive organisation. Agility and collaboration to become critical keys to business success in a rapidly changing market environment.

Future skilling. Rethinking employees’ competencies and profiles to become essential to driving the future of work.

Wellness. Aligning CRE and HR strategies to support mental and physical health will power human experience in the workplace.

Community. Buildings to become the epicentre for communities to share their passions, experiences and ideas.

To access the full report - Click Here

Article written by Cathryn Ellis


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