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Tuesday, 22 January


Innovise Software is a leading and long-standing technology provider to the Support Services and Facilities Management sector.

Our core platforms; Timegate & Servicetrac help businesses deliver significant reductions in the cost of operations and to track and deliver against the highest standards of customer service and contract requirement.

We help shared service teams effect significant time and motion reduction, drive up consistency and ensure compliance through the integration of systems, processes and people.


Timegate is a workforce management solution built specifically for FM; Cleaning, Guarding and Soft Service providers.

ImageFrom pre-employment through to payroll, Timegate provides for improved process automation and cost analysis.

The Essential system offers you T&A, Apps, Scheduling/Rostering, Budgeting and lots of Management intelligence. The bolt-on Packs enrich your experience, control, automation and engagement. 

Enabling a real-time overview of the operation, today’s competitive Support Services will appreciate the advantages that Timegate is able to offer.

With Timegate, FM businesses can:

  •        Significantly reduce payroll costs and increase cost control

  •        Automate employee holiday and pay queries by over 50%

  •        Manage contracted hours and budgets in line with contracted levels

  •        Reduce on-boarding time by 80%

  •        Save over £80 per employee per year managing absences effectively

Supporting the move towards granular cost control and process automation, Timegate is the software solution of choice in FM.


From cleaning inspections, security inspections and more complex FM orientated forms, to infection control, aircraft turnaround and closed loop helpdesk routines, Servicetrac supports leading support services organisations to innovate and intelligently deliver against their promises.

ImageServicetrac provides visibility of everything you and your team do for each individual customer.  It has evolved over many years offering sharper and more focused intelligence that makes it more than a simple replacement for paper and pen.

Extending into and providing intelligence about the relationship and the service you are providing, you can effectively leverage Servicetrac to help you to reduce costs and service response times, whilst improving failure resolution, M&E responsiveness and giving clients enhanced levels of service.

With Servicetrac, FM businesses can:

  •        Increase efficiency by up to 90%

  •        Win and retain clients by closely managing and tracking SLA’s and KPI’s

  •        Improve visibility of site, employee and contract performance

  •        Provide timely intelligence and evidence to contract managers and clients

  •        Manage resources effectively and make informed management decisions

Supporting the move towards service excellence and ultimate efficiency, Servicetrac is the software solution of choice in FM.

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