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Rinnai Welcomes Heat in Buildings Strategy


Rinnai Operations Director Chris Goggin comments: ‘Rinnai welcomes the UK “Heat and Buildings Strategy,” as it outlines a route to a green industrial revolution that enables the delivery of a lower carbon future and achievement of NetZero targets. 

In preparation for a national shift in domestic and commercial heating – the Energy Transition - Rinnai has updated specific models to accept multiple sources of fuel. Rinnai products can currently accept LPG, BioLPG and 30% hydrogen gas blends. On top of this we will offering, from the start of the New Year, a complete solution to include heat pumps, Hybrid systems and Hydrogen ready products – these technologies will launch our H3 initiative.

Rinnai fully and totally supports all aspects of decarbonisation and are continuously adjusting our range of products accordingly. We continue to closely monitor the energy sector and inform all customers – end users, contractors, installer, heating engineers, consultants, designers, central and local authorities - of any developments that may affect choice and cost. 

We are clearly motivated to supply all these customers with the best solutions for the delivery of limitless temperature accurate hot water delivery.

Introducing hydrogen into the national gas grid is underway but requires a field of strenuous testing before any regional influence will be denoted. Hydrogen, though, does appeal to the UK government for its practicality and growing international reputation as a major tool in decarbonisation. An ambitious proposal to produce five gigawatts of hydrogen by 2030 has been outlined, alongside the plan to heat an entire town with low-carbon hydrogen fuel around the same time. 

Rinnai is well placed to deliver commercial heating and hot water needs. All Rinnai products are energy and cost efficient. Rinnai products only incur cost and use fuel when operationally active. If the tap or shower is not turned on then our products use NO energy and no on-costs are generated, as Rinnai commercial hot water heaters give limitless continuous flow of temperature controlled hot water that the customer pays on demand. It is a ‘Pay-per-Use’ hot water heating system.

The strategy had been widely reported today many national news media, so it came as not surprise that the strategy is to replace natural gas boilers by 2035 with heat pumps and hydrogen fuelled boilers with other lower carbon alternatives encouraged upon consumers. Grants of up to £5,000 are to be offered to those interested in purchasing a heat pump at this time.