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Saturday, 20 April


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    The Digital Office: Building a Smarter Connected Workplace

    • Venue: M Threadneedle, London

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We are always wanting to develop our industry by bringing professionals together, therefore we make sure to regularly conduct events that are beneficial to our fellow FM member’s needs. Introducing our free and exclusive event… ‘The Digital Office: Building a Smarter Connected Workplace’.

This event will be in collaboration with Electrosonic and joined by BP and JLL. Over breakfast, a small group of directors, led by Rob Ferguson, Solutions Architect and Jim Fitton, Head of Technological Solutions, will discuss the uses and benefits of audiovisual and technological solutions within the workplace.

Here is some general information you need to know

Date: Tuesday 13th November 2018

Time: 8:15 am - 11 am

Location: M Restaurant, Threadneedle Street, London, EC2R 8HP

Tickets: Due to being an exclusive event, we ask you register your interest here, where you will then enter a vetting process where we choose those best suited to attend. There is no cost to attend, simply register!

Number of tickets: 12

Entry includes:

Exclusive networking with 11 other high profile business directors

Direct advice from one of the leading technological solution companies

Understanding of how digital solutions can create efficiencies and drive revenue in a corporate enterprise

Open discussion event to tailor answers to everyone’s needs

Delicious breakfast

Communication with Rob Ferguson, Solutions Architect, and Jim Fitton, Head of Technological Solutions, from Electrosonic

Chosen collaboration: Electrosonic


Morning Agenda:

08:15 Arrival & Check-in
    Guests arrive, check-in and mingle whilst enjoying a complimentary breakfast and coffee.

09:00 Round Table Opens
    Event Opens with a brief introduction from Electrosonic and the Chairperson.

09:05 Discussions Begin

1. Share the challenges and benefits technology can bring to enhance communication and collaboration

2. Discuss how to monitor and maximise office space to ensure operational effectiveness in a growing digital environment

3. Explore how technologies can bring cost efficiencies and generate revenue, supporting business strategy.

4. Share knowledge of how Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence is being used in the corporate workplace.

10:05 Discussions End
Includes a short 'Thank You' from Electrosonic and the Chairperson.

10:10 Networking and Refreshments
Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a drink and discuss today's Round Table amongst themselves.

11:00 Round Table Ends
Event Ends and Guests will leave M Restaurant to continue their day.


About Rob Ferguson, Solutions Architect

 Using years of practical experience, Rob works on highly complex audiovisual systems. From the study of conceptual techniques, through to final engineering detail and the production of the technical documentation required for equipment procurement. Rob’s technical experience covers projection and video display, audio, 3D projection, flying theatres, multi-touch, RFID, robotics, interactive displays, personal visitor guides, lighting control, rides, IT and show control systems. During Rob’s time at Electrosonic he has engineered, project managed, designed and implemented major projects including: The Body Zone and Body Explore at the Millennium Dome - London, The Guinness Visitor Centre - Ireland and at Nokia - Helsinki.

About Jim Fitton, Head of Solutions

 With over 28 years’ experience in the industry, Jim is an advisor to audiovisual technology manufacturers in the research and development field. He is highly regarded as one of the best. Jim has an unprecedented amount of technology solutions knowledge and ensures project specifications are delivered right first time. Overseeing each project request, Jim ensures attention to detail – selecting the right equipment, detailed schematic design, IT compliance and integration. Jim works with key technology integrators, design teams, architects, service consultants and clients, in both an advisory and training capacity. Some of his most notable projects include a £2.7m audiovisual install at a London bank, and a £2.5m install in the Oil & Gas sector.


We hope to see you on the 13th November!

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