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Tuesday, 22 January


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    European FM Conference 2018

    • Venue: Sofia Event Center

5th June - 8th June 2018

You are welcome in the beautiful capital of mystical Bulgaria, Sofia! 

Once upon a time in Facility Management land...

In the same way as fairy tales have influenced our lives, a rapidly changing world is shaping a new FM discipline. IoT, trends in technology and security even climate change, are driving us towards an entirely new demand. But this impression is fully reciprocal, and good FM can dramatically impact global sustainability, people's well-being, or future urban planning, helping to create a better world. Selected story tellers will take a modern approach towards this mutual influence in a state-of-the-art venue, where an immersive experience will leave no one indifferent.

For the EFMC 2018 the conference organization has taken a fresh approach by consolidating the EFMC with the EuroFM Research Symposium, creating one holistic platform for all FM researchers, practitioners and educators to share their work. As such, researchers, practitioners and educators will all have the opportunity to submit presentations, poster presentations and/or papers. Facility Management takes this opportunity to make the difference by means of the facility manager who is driven to accomplish change within a daily work environment. EFMC today aspires to be the pillar enabling Facility Management to bring about FM benefits by telling FM stories to the world to make EFMC delegates aware of the important role Facility Management can fulfil.

We invite professionals such as researchers, practitioners and educators, as they are the best storytellers, to share their experiences influencing both FM and our future world. 

FM professionals are invited to shed a light on the impact of new technologies and other innovations in FM and to discuss how FM shapes our daily lives and influences our happiness and well-being. If you want to participate in the EFMC 2018, submit your proposal now!

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