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The Balancing Act

The Balancing Act
Oct 4
👤 by Cathryn Ellis

Monday Oct 2 marked the beginning of National Work Life Week, a campaign aimed at giving both employers and employees the opportunity to focus on creating that all important work/life balance.

Employers across the UK were encouraged to use the week to concentrate on staff wellbeing initiatives. In a world where flexible working is on the rise, and technology allows people to work everywhere and anywhere, it is becoming increasingly difficult to leave work at work. Many people struggle to find, let alone maintain, a healthy balance.



Workplace specialist Active recognises the importance of creating an engaging workplace that not only looks great but encourages productivity and increases overall business efficiency. The team run on the belief that an engaging workplace should put the health and wellbeing of employees at the very forefront of the business.

“Although working from home can be beneficial, depending on an individual’s schedule, it can also make it harder to switch off,” says Angela Love, director at Active. “If you do work from home, make sure you confine it to a certain area, a home office or a particular room that at the end of the day you can close the door on (in both a literal and metaphorical sense). Be strict with yourself and turn off your email notifications after a certain time. This is your time to relax, refresh and be ready for the next working day!"



Andrew Sugars, executive director of corporate development for global FM service provider Servest, agrees that dividing our personal and working lives is never easy: “If you don’t manage to find a happy equilibrium, you find both end up out of kilter. My weekends are 100 per cent focused on family time, whether it be walking the dogs, taking my wife out to dinner, watching my boys playing rugby or cricket or just having them beat me on FIFA. Connecting with them re-energises me for the week ahead and also helps put work challenges into perspective, as chances are our families are why we do what we do every day!”



British furniture manufacturer, Staverton, create bespoke design solutions for workplaces across the country. Managing director Paul Edward is a big believer in flexible working: “For the past four years I have consistently worked flexibly from home every Friday, allowing me time to think and work on new initiatives for the business. I am lucky enough to have a home office with a mobile sit stand desk, which allows me to have a range of calming views. Remember to eat well, sleep lots and just breathe (particularly when under pressure). Playing tennis and having regular short holidays helps me regenerate too.”



Phil Roker, director at Vacherin, an independent caterer that works with a range of business organisations in London, uses exercise as his foolproof way of maintaining equilibrium. “I’ve been competing in triathlons for over 20 years, representing Great Britain at European and world level, so an awful lot of my time outside of work is spent training! When you’re exercising your mind is very much in the ‘now’, whether you’re doing a long, steady endurance session or a shorter, sharper interval set, there’s always elements of technique or timing splits to think about. The three disciplines make training very varied, but each creates the perfect head space for me to consider and mull over business ideas and activity. When you’re passionate about your work it’s incredibly difficult to switch off entirely, but success comes from finding a healthy the right balance.”

Picture: Monday Oct 2 marked the beginning of National Work Life Week



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