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All Lifts Can Become SMART!


Swedish lift tech company launches IOT system which allows
all lifts to become SMART!

One of the most important assets in buildings & SMART building are lifts. The introduction of IOT allows us to easily monitor things such as a building’s HVAC, lighting, security etc. but there has never really been a fully universal IOT solution to monitor passenger lifts. The monitoring of passenger lifts is often the missing link for a fully connected SMART building. Lifts that are not working cause massive disruption and financial impact. However, SafeLine Group UK have released an open protocol IOT solution called LYRA which can help FMs and building owners fully understand the status of their lifts 24/7 and capture potential failures before they even occur via AI machine learning - thus reducing downtime and potential lift outage.

What if as an FM you knew exactly what your lifts were doing at this moment in time or when they are behaving out of character and had the ability to look back at your historic lift data. Lifts are just expected to work, but as they are by design an extremely specialist piece of equipment behind the scenes, FMs are frequently caught off guard when the lifts unexpectedly fail and rely on third party information to find out why they have failed.

Open protocol, independent, accurate and impartial data from a small box on top of the lift.

The USP’s of Lyra and its cloud based dashboard “Orion” is that it can be installed to any lift regardless of age or manufacturer, it is cost efficient and has minimal installation time and its up & running. Orion provides information that can assist with calculating lifts general performance, usage, equipment life cycle, asset register, downtime %, breakdown’s, sustainability potential, data driven servicing, KPI management and pre-emptive alerts and much more using an intuitive traffic light system, which can also be synchronised to email and app alerts.

The ORION system opens up the restrictions that are quite often governed by the closed protocol equipment on site and the accuracy on the information being relayed.

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Launched in 2023 at the Royal Observatory Greenwich Park London, LYRA & ORION is proving to be invaluable when it comes to flexible lift asset management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Lyra be installed to any lift? 
Yes, it is completely non-invasive, meaning that there is no physical hardwired connection between the LYRA device and the main lift control system. LYRA includes a number of built in sensors which constantly measure parameters such as position, ride quality, door cycles, atmospheric temperature, trip count, lift at standstill and much more.

How do I receive notifications about my lifts? 
ORION uses an intuitive traffic system to indicate if the lift is in service, has a potential fault or is out of service. You can also receive notifications via Desktop, App or synchronise them to email.

Can I pull reports from the ORION dashboard? 
Yes, it’s very easy to export data directly from ORION to programs such as Excel or PDF generators.

Can LYRA link into my cloud based BMS system? 
Yes, using an API, LYRA can send push notifications to your cloud based BMS system, however this is on the basis that the BMS platform is open protocol and will require permission and collaboration with the BMS manufacturer / software provider.

Does it show where my lifts are?
Yes, not only does ORION show the current floor position of the lift, ORION can also show the geographic or site map location using Google Maps.

Is there any maintenance required for LYRA?
No, LYRA is a solid-state component and is therefore maintenance free. ORION updates are automatic over the cloud, with new features continually being added. LYRA is future proofed with USB ports which in the future will allow external devices to be connected.

Who can see the information about my lifts? 
Anyone who has been authorised by the account owner. Logins are usually provided to the building owners, FMs, lift contractors and lift consultants.

If you would like to find out more about LYRA / ORION by SafeLine please contact or your acting lift contractor / lift consultant.

Visit SafeLine LYRA

Pictures: SafeLine ORION launch event showcasing LYRA and the ORION digital platform.