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Energy Efficiency Audit Tool


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Interested in energy efficiency products but not sure where to start? Our free Energy Efficiency Audit allows you to select the technologies you are interested in to quickly calculate carbon and cost savings.

Energy efficiency products encompass a wide range of technologies and solutions designed to optimise energy consumption and minimise waste. Access advice from a network of sustainability, net zero and ESOS experts through our easy-to-use auditing tool. 

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to focus your attention to achieve the best results. With our simple online payback checker you can quickly calculate carbon savings and get an idea of potential savings based on real products from actual suppliers.

Why use the tool?

  1. Free to use
  2. ROI calculations are based on real products from actual suppliers
  3. One-click link to suppliers
  4. Calculates carbon savings
  5. Produce professional energy saving reports to support buy-in across your organisation

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Explore your energy efficiency options…

Our tool brings together an array of energy efficiency technologies so you can calculate carbon and cost savings in one place. Select as many options as you like to start your energy efficiency journey.

Save Electricity

Lighting – replace inefficient lighting with LED alternatives plus calculate motion and daylight sensor options.

Smart AC Control – automatically turn off AC in empty room and accurately set occupancy and heating/cooling set point parameters.

Refrigeration – automatically adjust refrigeration energy consumption according to load requirements.

Energy Monitoring – identify waste and potential efficiencies.

Voltage Optimisation – transformer-based technology which optimises the incoming supply from the national grid to match the voltage required by equipment at your organisation.

Generate Electricity

Solar PV – identify electricity generation potential of installing Solar Photovoltaic panels.

CHP – combined heat and power systems allow waste combustion heat to be supplied to buildings. Select simple generic heat loss factors or enter building heat loss factors to calculate savings.

DMBU – Dynamic Burner Management Units optimises the firing pattern of a boiler.

EndoTherm – a heating system additive which improves heat transfer rate.

Smart TRV – transform each radiator into an independent heating zone with thermostatic heat radiator valves.

Reduce Heating Energy

Boiler Upgrades – Enter current heating system specifications to be presented with upgrades and potential savings.

Commercial Heat Pump –  transfer heat from the outside air to water to heat your building. 

Support from a network of independent sustainability professionals

Access a network of professionals who can help your business drive down emissions, save energy and reduce costs. Our experts can help you comply with legislation (ESOS, SECR etc.) and analyse, target, and reduce carbon emissions.