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When Is A Move Not A Move?
By Nigel Dews, Managing Director, Harrow Green
Though relocations form the vast majority of our business operations, very often, projects will include anything but moving.  In fact, we often manage clients who don’t take any of their existing equipment but prefer to upgrade their assets to suit their new premises.  In cases such as this, legacy items can be dealt with in a variety of different ways.  Namely:

Through established partners, furniture can be sold for the best return possible and all proceeds go back to the client or can be offset against relocation and other charges.

Charitable donation
Donation is a great way to contribute to local charities, business start-ups, local community groups and schools which have limited to no budget for asset acquisition but which are in need of new furniture or IT equipment.

We offer a refurbishment service for defective furniture and IT equipment that may not be fit for standard resale, but ideal for donation or reduced price resale.

We have a fully licensed centre that can oversee all aspects of the recycling of legacy assets, from dismantling and sorting, through to segregation and repurposing of waste.

Harrow Green implement a zero waste to landfill policy wherever possible, even though sometimes , disposal is the only course of action.  If this is the case, as much of the product as possible will be salvaged for spares and the remainder will be converted to fuel pellets, for example.

Whatever your relocation needs, Harrow Green offer a single-source solution for legacy to assets.  Visit our website and get in touch with our specialist team of relocation experts, to find out how we can help.

About Harrow Green - Relocation Specialists

Harrow Green is the market leader in commercial relocations in the UK.  For over 30 years we have been helping businesses and public sector organisations move their people, equipment and technology (including servers) to new locations or as a part of a re-organisation of their existing premises. As well as business relocations we provide furniture, IT equipment and consumables recycling services, managed storage for items of any size, project management, international moves and document management solutions including Cloud storage, scanning and secure shredding. Our environmental programme called Re-Fresh enables us to help customers dispose of no longer needed assets; either through re-sale, generating income for them or through donation to worthwhile causes, such as charities, business start ups and community organisations.
We are an award winning company:

• BAR Commercial Mover of the Year
• PFM Awards Partners in Business Change
• PFM Partnership Awards – Relocation
• PFM Partnership Awards – Training
• Client Vendor of the Year
• Working Buildings Innovation Award
• East London Chamber of Commerce/Docklands Business Awards - Leadership in Customer Focus

We are committed to quality and providing a customer focused service and this is why we have achieved quality marks such as BS 8522, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.  Our proudest achievement is our Customer Service Excellence (CSE) accreditation which means that we have met the Government’s rigorous requirements for excellence in Customer Service. 
Headquartered in London we have offices throughout the UK. Our customer base is very diverse ranging from large corporates to SMEs and public sector organisations. We often undertake specialist relocation projects for libraries, museums, laboratories and hospitals.  No job is too large, too small or too unusual for us.