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Braehead Shopping Centre Chooses Pebble Plug & Play Hand Dryers

Braehead Shopping Centre chooses Pebble Plug & Play hand dryers to solve washroom challenges in 2021.

Braehead Shopping Centre is one of Scotland's leading shopping and entertainment destinations. With over 1 million square feet of retail and leisure facilities it has a continuous stream of visitors, and a very high footfall. The centre also prides itself on its accessibility, with plenty of disabled washroom facilities, sensory aids, changing rooms, 650 designated parking spaces and a dedicated Shopmobility service.

During a washroom refresh in 2021, Braehead Shopping Centre decided to procure new hand dryers. They were in search of a stylish, hygienic, robust, and easily replaceable hand dryer which can be easily integrated into the washroom environment. A hand dryer that can accommodate large volumes of people daily. The Pebble hand dryer is an innovative new dryer with a True Plug & Play feature, and it quickly became the clear winner for Braehead Shopping Centre due to its elegant streamline design and low noise levels, as well as the solutions it offers to washrooms in high footfall venues.

ImageA key driver for the project was the speed and ease of replacement if there should be a fault. The Pebble’s True Plug & Play design makes replacing an out of service dryer simple and fast - more so because the Pebble includes a 24hr turnaround warranty service! And, in the event that a dryer does need replacing, the dryer swap over is so easy that no expert knowledge or training is necessary.

Due to visitor volumes, hygienic and robust dryers were needed. Not only is the outer casing of the Pebble strong (IK08 rating), but the dryer casing also has Ion Pure antimicrobial technology impregnated, meaning germs and bacteria on its surface are eliminated, making it a clear winner for a shopping centre environment!

Focussing on the inside of the dryer, the Pebble also includes a smart HEPA iFilter that warns you when it needs replacing, and a brushless motor. So, the Pebble is cleaner and has a longer lifespan.Image

The Pebble seemed like the most obvious solution to Braehead Shopping Centres washroom challenges…

"We've just started using the Pebble by Velair,” wrote Jason Moore, Wilson Washrooms, in his 5-Star Trustpilot review. “Unlike other hand dryers, the plug and play design of the dryer is fantastic.

“Our electrician replaced a traditional hand dryer with a Pebble unit yesterday. It only took 20 minutes to complete, from start to finish, where a traditional dryer change would take around 40. Our electrician made the comment that it was the easiest dryer he'd ever had to fit!

“The dryer looks sleek and modern. The noise level of the Pebble is very low in comparison to the incumbent dryers that were being replaced on site. Our customer was extremely impressed with the dryer and reduced noise levels!

Image“The greatest benefit for our customer of the Pebble hand dryer is that the downtime of the dryer due to any unforeseen faults is reduced to minutes instead of days, as any faulty units can be replaced by unskilled labour instantly - no need for an electrician.

“I've seen many different hand dryers in the past 25 years and I'd say that the Pebble's probably the most innovative, practical and stylish dryer I've seen in this time. Definitely a 5-Star product."

Braehead Shopping Centre loved the look and feel of them so much that they have put them up in pride of place alongside their pieces of artwork in the washroom environment.

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