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Safety & Health: Managing ventilation & air quality in workplaces

Since the pandemic, there has been an increased focus on measuring indoor air quality and improving the ventilation of indoor spaces.

Building managers are facing detailed questions about how they are improving airflows to help dilute airborne viral loads, and what they are doing to improve relative humidity.

Professor Cath Noakes, ventilation specialist at University of Leeds and Engineer Member of the SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) spoke at a webinar hosted by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), stating that to ensure buildings are protected for the long-term, we cannot slip back into accepting poorly ventilated spaces with high levels of indoor contaminants.

While the pandemic greatly impacted everyone, there were further implications to those with suppressed immunity in high-risk environments, such as hospitals and the healthcare sector.

Providing optimal health, safety and wellbeing solutions that will keep occupants safe should always be a top priority for facilities managers. Therefore, reinforcing the importance of protecting vulnerable occupants, particularly those with respiratory illnesses, from rising air pollution outside and other airborne threats that live indoors.

Frequent air filter maintenance and replacement improves the effectiveness of systems along with regular cleaning, which reduces the build-up of particulate matter (atmospheric aerosol particles) and biological contaminants.

However, implementing a ventilation strategy to protect building occupants from viruses and other airborne threats is not always easy. Noakes states that "This is a very complex issue, and it will take years to build up the amount of data needed to make sure we can do this better.”

“We know ventilation matters and will be critical for health and wellbeing (including mental health) beyond Covid so we must get this right,” Noakes told the BESA webinar.

Noakes also expressed concern that many buildings were not even achieving the current industry standards of simply having proper ventilation. By using software tools such as SFG20, the industry standard for planned preventative maintenance, you can be assured that the guidance for maintenance tasks aligns fully with UK legislation and regulation. The library of over 2000 schedules covers over 70 different asset types, including: Air Conditioning/Handling Units, Ducting, Fans and Filters, Vacuum Systems, Valves and Ventilation. All schedules are colour-coded, showing which tasks are statutory to comply with UK law versus optimal and discretionary. Learn more ...

NHS Blood and Transplant adopts SFG20 to enhance national maintenance programmes

NHS Blood and Transplant has adopted SFG20 software to help ensure that its maintenance and service programmes adhere to a range of legislation and strict safety requirements. 

Mark Walsh, National Estates and Facilities Technical Manager at NHS Blood and Transplant, says: “I was very impressed with SFG20. Adopting the system has been the right thing to do as it helps to ensure that our maintenance procedures and tasks are always up-to-date with legal compliance across our whole estate.” Learn more ...

SFG20 partners with Omni Telemetry and Avison Young to make Digital Lead Maintenance Achievable

SFG Digital Lead Maintenance (DLM) is a solution that harnesses the power of BESA’s unique SFG20 maintenance software and combines it with Omni Telemetry’s real-time monitoring systems. Avison Young applies the technology to optimise buildings and establish best-practice maintenance programmes based on the SFG20 standard for its clients. Learn more ...

The Definitive Standard For Planned Maintenance

Completely unique, SFG20 is the essential tool for facilities managers, building owners, contractors and consultants, enabling you to stay compliant - saving time, energy and money.

SFG20 is the ideal solution for facilities managers, building owners, contractors and consultants who want to remain compliant while saving time, energy and money.

The definitive standard for planned and preventative maintenance, SFG20 is unique in the industry. An online, dynamic service, SFG20 provides access to a growing library of maintenance schedules which are dynamically updated as legislation changes.

SFG20 facilitates the identification of maintainable assets, providing the benchmark for optimum maintenance to avoid over or under maintaining. With options to customise schedules and create service booklets, optimising your maintenance with SFG20 couldn’t be easier.


Explore the options below to see which level of SFG20 could help your business.

ImageCore Plus

Access over 500 schedules covering 60 equipment types, with on-going legislative updates to ensure you remain compliant.

Schedules display how often tasks need to be carried out to avoid over or under maintaining assets and what skill set should be used to perform the work. Core Plus allows you to customise maintenance schedules to your requirements - specify maintenance activities for a building or site, use them to create and respond to tenders, as well as for auditing purposes. Learn More...

ImageService Model

In addition to all of the features of Core Plus, Service Model gives you ‘at-a-glance’ colour coding of tasks that shows the distinction between Statutory, Function Critical and Discretionary tasks even allowing you to add Mandatory tasks ensuring you maintain your assets at the appropriate level whilst remaining compliant. Service Model also allows you to edit, customise or create your own schedules. Learn More...

ImageSFG20 Solutions

SFG20 Solutions is a bespoke service offering a range of solutions for industry sectors seeking technical support to deliver an effective maintenance regime.

Building on SFG20’s Service Model our team of technical experts can support your business, industry or sector in achieving a tailor made maintenance solution to achieve standardisation and effective maintenance solution. Learn More...

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