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Friday, 16 November


16th November 2018

What a week that was...
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LGBT+ in FM will be holding a free networking event on Friday November 30. To register - Click Here

The event, in London, will be held at ISG, supported by IWFM, ISS and CBRE.

Initial Thoughts

Sorry to throw all those initial letters at you so early in this week's Grapevine - but yes the IWFM has been launched. That's the Institute of Workplace & Facilities Management - rising not so much from the ashes of the BIFM but from a once troubled organisation that now wants to become 'A Modern Professional Body' having, according to current CEO Linda Hausmanis, nearly gone bust in 2014.

Who knew the BIFM had gotten itself into such a pickle?...Lot's of people as it turns out!

Wonder Woman

Hey-ho, on with the story. Hausmanis revealed this gem as she closed last night's (Thursday Nov 15) official launch of the IWFM brand at United Business Media's (UBM) swanky, London Blackfriars offices.

BIFM is still trading until Monday morning. A holding page on the Institute's website says come back at the start of the week to - and then lists a series of other websites that still incorporate the bifm branding. That's not a criticism, the rebranding of the organisation has been professional and it will take time for it to filter through all channels.

On that note, can all members with immediate effect, change their designations (the letters after you name) on your business cards, LinkedIn profiles etc to IWFM. So MBIFM becomes MIWFM - or maybe miwfm or Miwfm. Hmmm - the new logo is all in lower case and using Gotham as its font.

IWFM's very own Chief Commissioner Gordon, Chairman Stephen Roots, confirmed to Grapevine that changing designation letters is expected and a communication will go out to all 17,000 members next week asking them to comply - but with an understanding this may not be a priority process for many.


Note the pictures. I have to say when guests entered the reception area for the iwfm launch event and were greeted with the old BIFM branding it would be easy to think the organisers had missed a trick. But no - slick as a block of butter soaked in grease, as soon as the speeches were done and the canapés laid out...hey presto. I was impressed.

I can't say I was as impressed with the speakers on the night who still seemed to be struggling with the whole 'W' piece. Those who presented or joined a panel debate used 'Workplace' in various contexts - showing it means different things to different people. I fear we may go through as long a phase of explaining what Workplace Management is and how it differs from Facilities Management as it's taken the outside world to have some grasp of just the FM bit as it stands.

The Riddler

The panel debate was far more a set of opinions expressed by the panel and an audience of familiar faces than any kind of discussion - and it centred on some very familiar themes: What we can do; getting board recognition; getting recognition per se; and celebrating successes and achievements and so on. The same themes have rattled around BIFM for 25 years. And yet as cynical as that may sound, I do believe there is a new-found confidence at the Institute that can take words and help turn them in to action. Maybe adding a 'W' to the FM guise is all it will take.

Poison Ivy?

The panel debate was chaired by Ian Ellison (co-author of the report, 'Managing Facilities or Enabling Communities?'). Ellison was quite happy to point to the elephant in the room (pictured below) but then warned he did not want the debate to go anywhere near 'definition' - definition of the word Workplace that is.

And yet that need for definition still hangs around. We will see on Monday; how many Members embrace the 'W' with warmth and affection - and how many start to think a people's vote (with their feet) might now be in order. IFMA awaits with bated breath.


You must think I'm a bit of a Joker as I move from a DC comics theme to that of Stan Lee's Marvel. But I couldn't help noticing the relatively new building almost opposite that of UBM's headquarters.


That looks remarkably like ladders running the height of the tower block - isn't that just asking for Alain Robert, also known as Spider-Man for his penchant for climbing tall buildings without so much as a rope (let alone permission), to come a calling.

Robert was recently sentenced to 20 weeks imprisonment, suspended for 2 years, having scaled the former Heron Tower in the City of London.

Super Heroes

Back to the theme of LGBT+ in FM. The venue is Floor 7, Aldgate House, 33 Aldgate High Street, London EC3N 1AG. From 5-8pm.

The guest speaker will be Daniel Hawkins, Alliance Director at CBRE and Co-Head of the YMF Network focussing on his experience as a gay person in the workplace, his own incorrect assumptions about how he would be treated and the work he conducts for the LGBT+ community.

LGBT+ in FM steering committee members from Sodexo, Vinci, ISS, ISS and Pare to FM will be in attendance to canvas your opinion on the best ways to achieve the key group objectives of:

  • Championing and promoting LGBT+ inclusiveness and the use of networks in facilities management (or should that be workplace 7 facilities management?).
  • Promoting at least three changes to current practices.
  • Creating one new environment where support can be delivered.
  • And networking with LGBT+ positive colleagues from across the industry.

The network is particularly aimed at facilities industry contracting organisations who have LGBT+ networks or are in the process of forming them.

Great News

Great Ormond Street Hospital is apparently taking services back in house. This has been tagged as an 'Agenda for Change'. Obviously, there will now be a round of redundancies - including the Estates Manager, who let this slip and who will be one of the victims.

Donations Gratefully Accepted

Cordant Group CEO Chris Kenneally will get to work at some time on Friday November 16 having finished his gruelling four and a half-day, 146-mile trek to help tackle youth homelessness. Kenneally set off from Monmouth on Monday morning and will reach the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors in Westminster at 10.30am where he will be greeted by the President of RICS, John Hughes Kenneally has raised in excess of £3,100 for the Pledge150 campaign, there is still time to sponsor at - Go Fund Me

Help A Mo Bro?

43 men die from prostate cancer every hour. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men. Every minute, a man dies from suicide.


This Movember, Mike Annett is doing something about it – raising funds and awareness for all the dads, brothers, sons and mates in our lives.

These funds will help the Movember Foundation fund ground-breaking research in prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health awareness and suicide prevention –- changing the way men’s health is treated and talked about. And most importantly, stop men dying too young.

Will you help me by making a donation today?

Do You DIO?

A procurement plan has been developed to provide industry with insight into doing business with Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO). The plan includes information on various initiatives and strategies, such as the small to medium enterprise agenda and the government construction strategy; and a first look at DIO’s Forward contracting work plan. To find the plan in pdf format - Click Here

Reaching For the Sun?

I read this week that scientists have developed a solar thermal fluid, that can reportedly store energy captured from the sun for over a decade. Apparently, the fluid has been in development at Sweden's Chalmers University of Technology. I have checked and the University definitely exists but can't find any more on the fluid. If you know more, email

Reaching For The Sky

London Stansted’s planning application to increase the number of passengers it is permitted to serve to 43 million - up 8 million from 35 million a year - has been approved by Uttlesford District Council.

London Stansted’s CEO, Ken O’Toole, said: “This decision offers London Stansted and its airline partners the long-term clarity we need to make further investment decisions at the airport and provides the local community with the assurance that our future growth will be delivered in a measured and sustainable way."

Waterloo Sunset

In the last three months alone, more than 2.1 million individual customers connected to the internet via their mobile phone around Waterloo station, with just one site at the station carrying more than 100 terabytes of data per day - especially in the evening rush hour.

Waterloo Battle

Detectives are warning that no matter the provocation, striking someone in a public place can have a devastating effect after a man was left with a serious head injury after he was punched and knocked to the ground outside Waterloo Station on November 1. He had been begging for cigarettes when he got in to an angry altercation with a woman.

A male suspect approached and an argument ensued between the victim and suspect. The suspect walked away with the victim following behind. The pair stopped and the victim was punched in the face. The assault caused him to fall backwards and hit his head on the floor.

Sticky Topic

After climate protesters glued themselves to Downing Street's gates this week, Grapevine is warning that activists will likely be out again on Friday and Saturday and getting up to mischief. Extinction Rebellion protesters have been offered bus rides from all over the country to attend days of action - and the rebels behind the organisation have been offering free training days all this week.

School Dinners

Yep - National School Meals Week has taken place. One supporter is school caterer ISS. Steve Kemp, Sector Director, ISS Education said: “It’s great to see so much positive activity around school meals. Our chefs work hard to give children a healthy meal every day and it’s important that we recognise that school food has come a long way in the last ten years.”

Linda Cregan, Food Service Director, ISS Education also said: “National School Meals Week plays an important role in the mission to change the face of school meals. We have a responsibility to show that the meals we serve help children with energy levels, concentration and attainment, as well as allowing them to build essential social skills by eating together.

Michael Hales, National Chair of the local Authority Catering Association said: “I encourage all schools, catering contractors and suppliers to become involved in this year’s Jubilee Celebrations of LACA’s National School Meals Week.  It is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate all that is great about school meals and share the benefits of the improved outcomes to pupils who eat a hot, healthy and nutritious lunch each day.”

Fruits Of Labour

Apple has announced a programme to help human trafficking victims. The phone company has teamed with an NGO that will help the victims pass interviews for caretaker and landscaping posts among other roles.

The announcement coincides with Apple winning the Thomson Reuters Foundation Stop Slavery Award.

Angela Ahrendts, Apple's Head of Retail mentioned the scheme briefly as part of her speech as she collected the Award this week. Ahrendts said in relation to the scheme: "It’s worth reiterating that this is only just starting." She went on to say: "We have trained over 100,000 Apple employees across every part of our business, including retail and our supply chain, to combat modern slavery, whether its forced labour or debt bonded labour. We’ve also been able to train more than 3 million within our supply chain of their rights."

Wayne Foundation


Yesterday morning activists in Columbus, Ohio, USA disrupted JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon’s speech at an event, to protest the bank’s alleged funding of fossil fuels and carbon pollution and Indigenous rights violations. The activists handed Dimon a copy of the latest UN scientist report on climate change.

Dimon has been hounded with the same message at many events across the country, including the bank’s AGM, various speaking engagements, and outside its headquarters.

One activist, Ruth Breech, Senior Climate and Energy Organizer at the Rainforest Action Network said: “We want Jamie Dimon, to stop funding climate disaster. Extreme fossil fuels like coal and tar sands and mega-pipelines, are incompatible with a stable climate and violate indigenous rights.”

JPMorgan Chase is said by the protestors to be the top US funder tar sands, Arctic oil, coal, and liquefied natural gas exports.

"Our environment is the most valuable resource we have, it's time for Chase to recognise that there is no future if they keep investing in fossil fuels," said Becca Pollard, protestor and Keep Wayne Wild Board Member (whatever the F that is).

Purple Patch

Research from Hammerson, the owner and manager of retail destinations, has revealed that 95% of the British public agree that shopping centres should cater for all shoppers and provide an accessible environment.

As part of its work to address issue, on November 13, Hammerson participated in Purple Tuesday – the UK’s first accessible shopping day. At The Oracle, in Reading, Hammerson has introduced the ‘Safe Space Scheme’. The scheme aims to help people with disabilities to feel confident and calm while visiting The Oracle through offering a range of specialised services, which include: special assistance while shopping inside stores; providing a guide to help shoppers and carers around the centre; or simply providing a temporary safe haven to sit in a quiet location.

For the near future, Westquay in Southampton is hosting disability-friendly ice-skating, local Guide Dog charities are visiting Cabot Circus in Bristol, Silverburn in Glasgow, Victoria in Leeds and Westquay in Southampton. The cinema at Dublin’s Dundrum Town Centre is showing an autism friendly screening

At Bullring & Grand Central in Birmingham, Freefall Dance Company performed a choreographed ballet piece, specifically for Purple Tuesday with the performance showcasing ten highly gifted dancers with learning disabilities.

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The Facilities & Workplace Networking Club, run by ThisWeekinFM, hosts something for Christmas every year, from three course lunches to full-on Christmas Parties. This year we will start the festivities early with a Christmas Extravaganza!

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9th November 2018

Death In The Afternoon

When I (your Grapevine columnist this week) was barely 20 and working at the Trafalgar Square end of Whitehall, I stepped out for an afternoon break. It was a little later in the year than we are now - about 4:00pm. The light in the sky was grey. We were approaching Christmas. Throngs of people were buzzing from the West End. The pedestrian crossing from West to East was jammed full - and impatient people would rather make a headlong dash across the road rather than wait for the Green Man's signal.

I heard the thud - loud and hard. I heard the ambulance sirens as they came down St Martin's Lane. I felt the chill, cold sound of the stunned silence of hundreds as they made their way from the scene or collected to console each other.

I heard the ambulance close its doors and drive away. No sirens. There was no need to rush.  And I can still hear now the wailing, the absolute ear shattering screams from the dead man's partner as her utter, desolate and sudden grief bounced down one of Britain's most famous streets - echoing off the buildings and those corridors of power.

If You Don't Know How To Do It, I'll Show You How To Walk The Dog

I'll come to the reasoning for the first entry above in a mo - but first let me share another image with you. Driving from home to take the car for its MOT, I came past the local park. On the pavement a scene to behold. A man in green wellies, Barbour and cap and with a long rope (a keen dog walker I surmised) with mobile in both hands and cutie canine tied securely to his waist. Doggy was clearly being exercised as was Facebook and texts. No harm came to man nor beast.

No Need To Run

So on Thursday morning I approached the ThisWeekinFM and Haven Power breakfast briefing held at the Museum of London (and what a humdinger of a morning that turned out to be - a full report on the main site next week). I came to the junction of Aldersgate Street and the iconic roundabout that many think the Museum stands on. From the picture you will see, it is a high wall and traffic whips around it like five-nines. The young man standing next to me (on my left) ran straight at the machine guns of cars, buses and taxis; made it across no man's land and on down London Wall. He'll live (perhaps) but some of his pals will not be so lucky.

To my right was a young lady obsessed by the device in her hand. Curiously, she was not about to risk her life in that same mad-cap dash whilst manipulating her she was about to take her life in her hands focused intently on her Rubik's Cube.


Dulce Et Decorum Est

And so to the point. To year June 2017, 1,710 were killed on our roads and 176,500 injured. If you think it is right and proper - regardless of whether you have any responsibility or not for people arriving and leaving their place of work unharmed - please send an email (copy any text you like from here). Tell all the staff you engage with to BLOODY WELL STOP IT! Stop risking your lives by playing on the roads. Put your phone away on the streets. Pay attention. Use the Green Cross Code - and the crossings, Zebras, subways and bridges provided. Don't be a statistic. And don't risk being another grief-filled echo.

Charity Fundraiser – Royal London Hospital Trauma Unit

Parents Against Knife Crime

A sad case affecting one of our own - here is a hugely summarised letter from a facilities manager in our community. 

A Parents Against Knife Crime charity fundraiser to support the valuable work, research and development of The Royal London Trauma Unit will be held on Saturday 24th November 2018 and we would be very grateful for any assistance and support that you may be able to provide.

The evening will include a 3-course meal, entertainment, a raffle, charity auction and dancing. Sponsorship Packages are also available. We are looking for additional raffle prizes. For Cash Donations - Click Here

The Letter

On the 15th March 2018, our 18-year old son was travelling back home.

He is a great student  with a passion for football - he hopes to turn professional and so trains hard all week. He works on Saturday morning and referees on a Sunday. 

He left our local station after returning from college and football training at 5:20pm. He was heading towards his car to return home.  A group of five youths randomly walked across the road and stabbed my son in his abdomen. This act left him critically ill and on life support for 7 weeks - if he had not been so fit, there may have been a different outcome.

Knife crime continues to plague our society.

Whilst at the hospital, we became acutely aware that sometimes there was a lack of resources and equipment. We want to contribute and so my family and friends have decided to raise funds for equipment and research specifically for the trauma unit.

Please contact committee members via email address to confirm your attendance and/or intention to sponsor our event.

Half Baked

Whilst looking for more information about Zurich's new flagship Supplier Accreditation Scheme (see main website News for details) I noticed that the insurer was warning that cooking related fires soared 183 per cent during the recent series of the Great British Bake Off.

Accidental damage claims in the kitchen also rose by 12% during the period. With an average claim of over £8,000 for cooking blazes and £900 for accidental damages.

With wooden spoons catching fire on the hob and even people falling asleep with something in the oven are all reasons why budding bakers claimed. You can see why Zurich would like you to pass on the following tips:

1. Never leave your cooking unattended and ensure someone always has an eye on your rising bakes.

2. Check that the hob and cooker are fully turned off after use and avoid burnt buns.

3. Keep tea towels and cloths a safe distance away from the cooker

4. Clean off fat and grease from the hob – which can spark a fire.

5. If a pan catches fire don’t try and tackle the blaze yourself or move the pan - turn off the heat if you can do so safely; get everyone out of the room, shut the door and call 999.

See The Sites

There were some really interesting stories on the main ThisWeekinFM website by the time we got to 11:am on Friday November 9. I won't mention them all here - if you haven't done so already, go and have a look for yourself.

One that did catch my eye is about the introduction of 5G mobile networks and their ability to replace cable broadband. Figures quoted say the average UK mobile subscriber could consume as much as 18GB of data per month by 2021. To meet even current demand, Three UK, O2 and SSE Enterprise Telecoms have formed a fibre agreement for 4G and 5G deployment by connecting cell sites and masts through Thames Water’s waste water network.

We Didn't Cover This -  PFM Awards 2018

In an unusual deviation from form, ThisWeekinFM did not cover the 25th PFM Partnership Awards. Although some might consider Premises & Facilities Management magazine a competitor, we think of them as friends and colleagues - especially former PFM editor Jane Fenwick, who came to the Awards as the guest of honour.  Here are the Winners:

Partners in Cleaning - Paternoster Square Management with JPC Regent Samsic

Partners in Cleaning – Public Sector -Atalian Servest with Post Office Limited

Partners in Corporate – Private Sector -PTSG Integral Cradles with Skanska

Partners in Corporate – Public Sector - Kier with Imagile at Berrywood Hospital

Partners in Corporate Social Responsibility - Dentons UK and Middle East with Partnerships Matter

Partners in CSR – Public Sector - Wates Smartspace with Twycross Zoo

Partners in Energy Management - 4D Monitoring with Lambert Smith Hampton

Partners in Energy Management – Public Sector - Aspire Defence Services with Defence Infrastructure Organisation

Partners in Expert Services - Assurity Consulting with BNP Paribas Real Estate

Partners in Expert Services – Public Sector - Qwest Services with Cheshire West and Chester Council

Partners in Relocation - Pickfords Business Solutions with Vinci

Partners in Retail - Evolve with Vodafone

Partners in SME - JPC Cleaning Services with Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work

Achievement in Facilities Technology - PTSG

Team Member - Julia Proporowicz, Bluewater Shopping Centre receptionist, Incentive FM

Account Director of the Year - Fiona Stewart, Northumbria University account director, Sodexo

Young Leader of the Year - Kristian Trend, St George’s Tower general manager, Student Living by Sodexo

Peter Middup Lifetime Achievement in FM Award - Colin Blair MBE, director of estates and facilities, University of Huddersfield

Overall Winner - Dentons UK and Middle East with Partnerships Matter

Youth - Wasted On The Young

We often say that FM (like so many other professions) is an old man's game. But if the law in Europe is changed in accordance with this story Grapevine spotted this week, all that could change.

Dutchman Emile Ratelband wants to knock 20 years off his age claiming to the authorities it will be the same as identifying as being transgender. The 69-year old will become 49 if his local court in rule in his favour in about four weeks time.

Like Mr Ratelband, how about we all take a step back 20 years - maybe more. We youngsters can then set about all manner of projects with renewed gusto - Stannah stairlifts will probably go to the top of our budget lists.

And despite Brexit, I think the government might like the idea - no more upping the pension age (like they did again this week), just make becoming younger compulsory..and scrap retiring altogether!

Institute of Workplace & Facilities Management

Next week BIFM becomes IWFM...

People Get Ready There's A Train Not Coming

On a journey into London, I heard this recorded message on a train Tannoy. 'Please get ready for the Brighton Mainline Improvement Project starting on...starting on starting...starting starting on - then blank. Hope the rail improvement goes better than the announcement.

I looked it up and there will be disruption to services including the Gatwick Express on weekends in November and January before nine consecutive days of disruption in February followed by more disruptions in March and April. For Diary Dates - Click Here

The Journey Beyond

The journey in question was again to the Haven Power Breakfast Briefing. I passed this signage outside 100 London Wall. I guess they must get very annoyed at the number of people who scale their escalator to first floor reception only to be sent packing back down, round the corner and up the stairs (or to the lift). Exterior signage in this industry really does not seem to have moved on - the Museum of London where I was going is a great venue but accessing the place is a nightmare.


Smart Building - What A Hole

On the subject of nightmares - the Barbican Centre.  After Haven, I headed to the Smart Buildings Show. Great event (full of technology rather than suppliers and installers) and well done to our friends at organiser Turret Group...but the Centre? Fancy running the Smart Buildings Show at the shabbiest venue in town. Next year it's at Olympia - so no improvement there then.


Single-use, as in the now FM favourite 'single-use plastic', has been announced as the Collins Dictionary Word of the Year 2018. To help you keep up with the youngsters (who you might soon find are the same age as you), here are some other trendy words to add to your vocabulary.

Contenders include: Backstop - a system that will come into effect if no other arrangement is made; Floss - a dance in which people twist their hips in one direction while swinging their arms in the opposite; Gammon - a person with reactionary views, especially one who supports Brexit; Gaslight - to attempt to manipulate a person by continually presenting them with false information; MeToo - denoting a cultural movement that seeks to expose and eradicate predatory sexual behaviour, especially in the workplace; Plogging - a recreational activity, originating in Sweden, that combines jogging with picking up litter.


Bryan McLaggan is now MD with Combined Technical Solutions Limited. Western Thermal has appointed John Potts, as New Director to the Board. Thomson FM has put Mark Whittaker in the position of Facilities Management Solutions Consultant. He joined the FM consultancy team from 5th November 2018.

Bartlett Mitchell has created a new People Experience Director role - Lauren Spencer gets the gig. She will be responsible for internal communication and engagement, training delivery methods, team experience, culture/brand protection, recruitment and retention, talent team support, succession planning, and the BM Family Yapster app - if you don't know what that is, ask a genuine youngster.

ISS On The Margins

 “Our margins are in line with expectations. We continue to increase our focus on key accounts and refine our portfolio in line with the strategy,” said CEO Jeff Gravenhorst.

Outlook 2019

Balmoral Doesn't Tank

Doing the opposite of tanking, Balmoral Tanks has moved into the services sector with an acquisition. The company has acquired a majority shareholding stake in Water Environmental Treatment (WET) to fast-track its move into the legionella compliance and water industry services market.

Getting A Lift

Total Facilities Services has acquired 200 lift maintenance contracts. The deal sees TFS take over the service contracts from December 2018, honouring existing contracts and offering to lock in current prices for the next three years.  The lifts are a combination of passenger and goods lifts, mainly in the south of England. They include some high-profile clients with one of Guy Ritchie’s London pubs, a number of Embassies and the Ivy Club all included.

Tanking On Heritage

Manchester Council is deliberately allowing historical and culturally significant buildings to fall into disrepair or collapse completely to make way for luxury apartments, the Liberal Democrats have claimed. A walking tour through the heart of Manchester's Northern Quarter has revealed eight historic buildings are in need of urgent care and restoration but Manchester Council is deliberately ignoring warnings, says the party.

Local residents led by community campaigner Martin Browne catalogued 51 buildings on just eight streets in Manchester and warned that almost all of them are at risk of demolition if the council doesn't take swift action.

 A motion, which was approved by the council in early October laid foundations for a local heritage listing system but campaigners have slammed it as a ‘meaningless token gesture’.

Historic England

This week, Historic England published the 2018 Heritage at Risk Register, the annual snapshot of the health of England’s historic places.

Across the country 318 entries have been removed from the Register, while 242 entries have been added because of concerns about their condition.


More than 2,500 war memorials across the country have been listed over the past four years as Historic England fought to complete the project to commemorate the First World War centenary. Before the project began there were more listed telephone boxes (2,486) than war memorials (1,657). Throughout the centenary period Historic England has been working in partnership with War Memorials Trust, IWM, Civic Voice, volunteers and school children across the country to better understand these important local landmarks and protect them for the future. One school child is reported to have said: "We have to keep the memorial safe – otherwise we won’t have anything to remember them by."

Whitehall Remembrance

And so full circle back to Whitehall where we began. Tickets to attend the Service of Remembrance are no longer available but the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport is advising that no tickets are required for the public to attend and stand on Whitehall - but an early start is recommended (Whitehall will be closed until 8:00am).

There will be large screens north of the Cenotaph, near the green outside the main Ministry of Defence building and mounted outside the Scotland Office and south of the Cenotaph on the corner of King Charles Street.

11:25am - Cenotaph Service concludes and Royal British Legion detachments disperse past the Cenotaph.

12:30pm - 1:30pm The Nation’s Thank You procession.

For details - Click Here

I know the Remembrance is for all service people and wars, yet for me it is the First World War that always springs to mind at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. I think of the mostly young men who lived - and died - through the horrors or the trenches and ran at the guns or dug mines...their remains still out there in war graves or contained in some corner of a foreign field. Lives given so easily, we should treasure ours.

I will stand silent and wear my Poppy with Pride as the silence and the memory of 100 years echo back down Whitehall. We will remember them.