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ThisWeekinFM has Progressively Increased its Audience Across the Sector.

Whether you require sales leads, brand awareness, launching a new product or service, or promoting an event, we can tailor-make a campaign according to your objectives and budget – plus we measure the results. is an agile digital publication that's read by 30,000 professionals on average each month (based on annual Google Analytics figures – detailed below), who view over 50,000 pages per month via desktop, tablet and mobile. Our news is distributed via weekly email newsletter and across a number of social media channels daily, so whatever format your campaign needs, we provide established platforms to ensure your message is seen is by a highly engaged audience of Facilities & Workplace management decision makers.  

Website Traffic 

Pageview and Visitor overview:




Avg. Time on Page

01 Jan - 31 Dec  2019



02 min 05 secs

01 Jan - 31 Dec  2020



03 min 01 secs

01 Jan - 31 Dec 2021



02 min 46 secs

01 Jan - 31 Dec 2022



02 min 45 secs

01 Jan - 04 July 2023



02 min 31 secs

 source: Google Analytics


Total Users

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04 July - 31 Dec  2023




 source: GA4

Social Media Reach

Our social media presence continues to grow with over 30,000 connections across LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook – we can use this extensive reach to support your marketing strategy and get your message heard.

Impressions and Engagement

We make a great impression on our audience! We share informative posts several times per day to ensure a consistent presence with our followers. Our posts can achieve over 80,000 organic impressions per month as they are liked and shared by thousands of Facilities & Workplace management professionals. 

We also see fantastic engagement in our closed LinkedIn group, where we encourage discussion around a range of topics and see members engage in valuable conversations with our team and industry peers every day. 

YouTube Channel

Our video production and YouTube following continues to see tremendous growth with our video content achieving 28,468 views, a total of 361,431 impressions and a total viewing time of 600.7 hours in 2023.  Previous numbers were 21,347 views, a total of 209,255 impressions and a total viewing time of 452.1 hours in 2022, 10,014 views, a total of 57,300 impressions and a total viewing time of 306.1 hours in 2021 and 8,424 views, a total of 34,968 impressions and a total viewing time of 280.6 hours in 2020.

Our most popular video in 2023 was 1 Undershaft - The London Skyscraper Set to be as Tall as The Shard (here). Our most popular video in 2022 was a short overview of COP26, What is the Aim of COP26? (here), which achieved 1,872 views. Our most popular video in 2021 was a showreel for the Facilities Industry Annual Summer River Boat Party (here) which achieved 410 views.  In 2020, we successfully conducted video interviews remotely during lockdown and our top video was a Spotlight Interview (here) with one of our Editorial Advisory Board member, Daniel Hawkins, who shares some fantastic insights from his career and current role at JLL and achieved 507 views.

We will continue to increase our video content, with more exciting new video formats coming soon.


Learn more about our approach and key stats in the video below

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