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Adaptable Training & Engagement For Cleaning Staff


In a Cleaning sector changed by COVID-19 UhUb is playing a significant role in supporting people, business and service customers.

As we continue to manage change brought by COVID-19, we see how the cleaning sector is being impacted, with cleaning standards and their delivery under increasing scrutiny. At UhUb we know that proper training is the only way to ensure the highest standards are both achieved and maintained, and for us, our client community, and their customers this starts with demonstrable, whole workforce training & engagement. Something we know a lot about! Pre-COVID our clients already valued the benefits UhUb provides (they kept telling us!), and now these benefits have grown in importance.

Here’s just some of the things our clients have to say about how UhUb has helped during COVID…


How did you use UhUb to help during the pandemic?

Simon Duke, Managing Director, NuServe
During the lockdown period, we found UhUb invaluable, both in delivering coronavirus specific training material, and in keeping furloughed team members engaged. As our people have returned to work, I’ve felt a lot more comfortable knowing that we’ve been able to prepare them for a different set of challenges, and to protect their safety and that of our customers. NuServe’s mission is to uphold the right to good work and fair pay, to protect our planet, and to deliver quality services that honour the trust afforded us. UhUb is one of the tools we rely on to help us realise our vision.

Iain Fraser-Jones, Managing Director, Greenzest
We were able to share additional training on COVID-19 procedures and processes as well as specific training on using the equipment employed in our coronavirus sanitising tasks. This was a significant advantage as it ensured that we knew the teams involved were trained in using the equipment before being deployed. The equipment items themselves are costly and we were able to ensure staff knew what they had to do and how, thereby saving time and cost.

During the pandemic how did UhUb help you communicate?

Gemma Bowers, HR & LD Director, Regular Cleaning
As the pandemic began, we thought about what we might do to protect & reassure our colleagues and we knew UhUb would be fundamental to our communication as meeting & contacting people was going to be more challenging.  We utilised UhUb to update our colleagues on constantly changing advice & guidance. Also, creating our own video content on UhUb gave our people the confidence & knowledge to deal with their ever-changing work environment in difficult circumstances.


Iain Fraser-Jones, Managing Director, Greenzest
The ability to deliver whole workforce messages was a real asset when it came to communicating with our colleagues. Information on what the furlough scheme meant to our teams, how to ensure that they stayed safe, and messages around additional training available to deal with specific COVID-19 threats and tasks. All of these were delivered using UhUb saving huge amounts of time for our managers and was successful in bringing the team together, at all levels. Because our UhUb engagement levels with staff are consistently above 95% of our workforce we knew that we were getting the fullest reach to our colleagues.

As you can see from these comments, UhUb is much more than a Training Solution, it’s a fully adaptable Engagement Eco System that helps you easily Educate, Inform, Engage and Protect your people. With the ability to share not just industry standard skills training for Cleaning and Supervisory staff along with Product & Equipment training for those you use, you can also create and share Company, Customer specific and specialist task content across the workforce, all with real time reporting.

It has genuinely helped to ease the worry that COVID-19 has created and as one of our clients told us, “it has helped me sleep at night”.

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