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Avire ESD (Elevator Social Distancer)


The Avire ESD provides another tool for buildings in the fight against COVID-19.

As people start to return to normal life and start moving around towns and cities again, the risk of spreading COVID-19 will increase and Facilities Managers will need to use new methods to avoid this; specifically in enclosed areas such as lifts where people are likely to stand close together. There are two obvious options when trying to limit the amount of people in a lift:

  1. Signage (which is often ignored)
  2. Staffing in place to direct the people flow and limit the amount of people entering lifts (costly and time consuming)

The ESD helps limit the occupancy of elevators by providing people counting technology. Once the ESD identifies that the occupancy level has been exceeded, it will temporarily hold the doors whilst giving an audible signal stating that the doors will be held until the occupancy level is acceptable. Once the occupancy level is acceptable the elevator will resume its normal function.

The ESD can easily be installed by your contracted lift company but for more information on this or other ways in which you could be monitoring your lifts please contact Avire.

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