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Temperature Screening Solution


Manual temperature and health screening is time-consuming, labour intensive, and error-prone. The best way for companies to put this control in place, but without the costs, is to leverage technology to automate the process. Most solutions offered in the market are expensive and complex to install.

Tempscan offers the TS256, an out-of-the-box solution that can be up and running in just a few minutes. We pre-configure the entire system so your operations, reception or security staff can just plug in and go. This scanning station is most useful in the following locations:

- Entrances to your buildings, receptions or waiting rooms
- Entrances to staff office areas or changing / locker areas
- Canteen & food preparation or goods delivery entrances
- Foyers in multi-tenant buildings

We had a working solution installed and running the day after contacting Tempscan. Our staff think the system is great, they can see clearly that they and their colleagues do not have a temperature. As I can hear the alarm from my desk, I know that there is no need to supervise. It has been a great success and we are now installing additional Tempscan equipment at all our farms and pack houses.”

– Richard W

Operations Director, Hall Hunter

As people pass the camera, it will automatically detect their faces and read their temperature, with an alarm sounding if it is above a set level (pre-set at 37.3°C, although this is adjustable).

The TS256 can be deployed on a tripod but also integrated into a more permanent instillation using standard CCTV wall brackets.

Users are typically in the following sectors:

- Industrial manufacturing and servicing
- Warehouse and production facilities
- Offices and serviced-offices
- Schools and colleges
- Farming and food production and packaging centres

The Tempscan scanners have been a hit with parents and students as well as teachers and other staff. Not only can we feel that we’re doing more to help prevent COVID-19 from the school, with our two scanners we can get all of the students into class in 5 minutes and re-deploy the scanners in staff and reception areas for the rest of the day.”

– Simon H

Director of Operations, Malvern St. James Girls School

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