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The World's First Airborne Virus Index


The AIRBORNE VIRUS INDEX is a new and brilliant innovation from uHoo – the world class indoor air quality monitoring system.

Never has it been more important for management and employees to understand the composition of indoor air and whether it is virus-averse or a potentially deadly virus-ridden fug.

ImageuHoo analyses the indoor air quality to determine if it favours or impedes the survival of viruses such as Covid-19 and other common viruses. Those cause colds, influenza and other bronchial diseases – so often the cause of high levels of illness absence.

Virus infections can spread like wild-fire through a building but if the air quality is good, it will impede the progress of viruses.

uHoo monitors nine parameters of air quality including harmful pollutants such as particulates PM2.5, nitrogen dioxide, volatile organic compounds, ozone, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Data is presented on a brilliant management dashboard to inform and empower building managers to make mitigating interventions in the HVAC air supply.

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