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Installer Show 2023 - Rinnai To Give First Showing Of Advanced Developments In Renewable Liquid Fuel Appliances Including Bio-LPG And DME


Rinnai’s stand at the forthcoming Installer Show will feature carbon reducing Bio-LPG and DME fuelled hot water heating units.

DME and renewable variants of DME are dimethyl ether and it is produced from renewable and recycled carbon feedstock. It is a clean-burning fuel which is chemically like propane and butane, so it behaves in the same way as LPG.

Just like LPG, rDME is easily and safely transported as a liquid in pressurised cylinders and tanks. It is specifically important to off grid sites up and down the UK.

DME and renewable DME are a simple solution that allows commercial and residential users to further reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and transition to a more sustainable future.

DME can be produced from a wide range of renewable or waste feedstocks. It has a low greenhouse gas footprint, reducing emissions by up to 85% compared to fossil fuels. Depending on the feedstock and production process used, rDME can even have negative greenhouse gas emissions.

For Rinnai UK Chris Goggin, Operations Director, comments, "We want to show all visitors to our stand at Installer Show 2023 that we have a wide range of product developments to answer the question of quicker, practical, technical and economic carbon reduction. If we can develop a 100% hydrogen combustion technology that emits no CO2, we can help achieve carbon neutrality on the gas grid. Rinnai’s DME fuelled combustion water heater models along with advances in DME production are fully able to contribute significantly towards cutting emissions off the gas grid."

We already have LPG, Bio-LPG and advances DME models available, adding extended choice for consultants, designers, contractors, installers and end-users."

The product quality of our range of products, coupled with service excellence to all customers, is and always will be our priority. We have responded to the need for decarbonisation by re-designing those parts of our products that warranted it – and we have recognised the fact that all fuels will factor in the future."

Hence, we have launched our H3 initiative of Hydrogen and Renewable liquid gases, Hybrid and Heat Pump so that our customers have the best possible choices to assist them maximise their own energy efficiency programmes.

Rinnai plans to continue researching and developing next generation decarbonising technology. Rinnai is determined to introduce combustion technology that encourages a greater sense of customer convenience and clean air quality for rural sites and DME could play a role in rural decarbonisation.

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