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Insurance Compliance Is Not Simply Training, It Must Be Demonstrable!


COVID-19 has created an increase in liability for the cleaning sector and the need for greater more demonstrable compliance.
UhUb is providing the perfect solution to ensure both saturation of adaptable training and live data reporting.

2020 has been a year of transformation and core to this is accountability, meaning that where compliance is concerned no longer is training simply just about training. Speaking with Insurance Companies has highlighted a change in attitudes meaning if training is not constantly updated, available and applied to all, or you don’t have the data to demonstrate it’s completion, you may as well have not done it!  The ability to share and prove training for all, is now more critical to compliance and customer assurance than ever before.  We asked our clients what UhUb means to them when protecting themselves from liability. 

How is UhUb helping with you from a ‘traditional’ compliance requirement view? 

Iain Fraser-Jones (MD) Greenzest Ltd
“At Greenzest we have fully embraced UhUb’s capability beyond the delivery of training. We now encompass the wide range of information and engagement tools that not only streamline our operations but ensure we no longer need to print mountains of documents for our site files with reams of repetitive data around COSHH or SSoW. We are able to upload this data onto UhUb which allows all of our site based staff to access it. From a compliance perspective being able to demonstrate through data that training was delivered and passed is an absolute necessity.  As such UhUb has reduced our administration, improved our training & compliance, and our carbon footprint”

Lee Andrews DOC Cleaning Ltd
“In terms of documentation, the ability to provide our workforce with instant access to this important information has been a huge benefit. Given the ever-changing requirements and guidance in the current climate we are able to revise our documentation on UhUb and then inform all staff that documents have been updated via messaging. This means that the latest guidance is available in a matter of hours to all, as opposed to spending time printing and distributing the documents to site. Also…we are able to ensure that staff always have access to relevant COSHH, H&S and other guidance documents whilst carrying out their usual duties.”

How will UhUb be used to provide compliance, risk mitigation and protection in the ‘COVID liability’ world we are getting used to?

Jamie Wright (MD) Incentive QAS
“The emphasis on cleaning and disinfection will remain high on everybody’s agenda as we emerge from the pandemic and I believe it is the responsibility of the cleaning industry as a whole to ensure the importance of a hygienically clean and regularly disinfected environment does not waiver.  Through UhUb we are able to continually train and re-train our staff in the basic cleaning principles, new methods and changing guidance as it occurs – all without having to physically be with them.  With the restrictions on our movement during the pandemic UhUb has been a welcome addition to our business and shows the cleaning teams we are still investing in them, and the senior leadership team can be confident we remain continually compliant.”

Gemma Bowers (HR & L&D Director) Regular Cleaning
“It is becoming a prerequisite when tendering for new business to demonstrate how you train colleagues to be COVID compliant, and what tools you use to communicate compliance, best practice and to mitigate risk. UhUb plays a big role for us to show our colleagues what our expectations are and how they must keep themselves, our clients and the public as safe as possible. UhUb also plays a big role in us reassuring our clients and enabling them in turn to reassure their clients, occupiers and visitors.”

UhUb Clients understand not only how important it is to be compliant through data, but to have an engaged and motivated workforce that deliver outstanding cleaning standards and reduce risk.   


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