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It's FSI’s 30th birthday!


A business built on creativity, excellence, growth and collaboration.

Established in 1990, just a year after the World Wide Web was invented, the global teams at FSI have struck a balance in developing experienced FM experts and nurturing rising stars. The company has continually been able to drive innovation in the CAFM/IWMS tech space, through recessions, circumstantial reductions in service provider spend and even the Y2K bug (though the latter of course proved to be inconsequential). From installation using floppy disks 30 years ago to today’s advanced intricacies of Concept Evolution, FSI has grown up with the FM industry with its flag now firmly planted as a leading CAFM/IWMS solution provider.

Working for some of the most prominent commercial, defense and parliamentary entities in the world, FSI remains entrusted with the implementation and ongoing delivery of incredibly bespoke software modules. The company has seen the reputation of the industry skyrocket in the last 30 years, from perceptions that once bordered the negative around ‘basement building caretakers', to the widened elevation of the business function as integrally important. The world has seen the eruption of smartphones, smart assistants and smart energy, and FSI is the driving force in CAFM/IWMS technology for all-round smarter buildings.

“We believe that client input should lead the solutions we develop. It’s fundamental for the people using our products every day to feed into the way they evolve. That’s why we have specialist groups that listen to the heartbeat of the industry, and champion what users really need to adapt to ever-changing workplace environments”.

–Compton Darlington

Business Development Director, FSI

Having identified the fixation the industry holds with isolating data, FSI’s focus will be placed on how to harness collective data in 2020. How they can automate learning from big data for their clients, and be able to make predictions based on historical information to inform future decision-making.

With a high percentage of employees that have been at FSI for over a decade (in some cases over 20 years), client relationships that have lasted since before the millennium, and an ethos that cultivates the finest talent to continually challenge the status quo in the FM space, FSI continues to innovate its product, embrace new technologies and solidify its place within the industry.

The global team of more than 200 developers, consultants, technical leads and more continue to push the boundaries of what’s considered ‘the norm’ in the FM tech space. Though the main goal is to innovate, FSI see the natural progression of the sophisticated technology they develop becoming the standard in years to come. A business built on creativity, excellence, growth and collaboration – FSI is always looking 30 years into the future.

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