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New Benchmark In Lift Pit Maintenance And Management


In a bid to transform the operational safety and maintenance of lift pits, market-leaders, Crownstone, launch a ground-breaking system to control water flow and oil separation.

Pitsafe™ is a new lift pit waterproofing system, which employs an innovative combination of chemical and membrane solutions, all carefully engineered to create a BS8102-compliant environment for the housing of sensitive electrical and mechanical lift equipment, whilst completely eliminating the risk of pumping oil into drains.

Pitsafe™ has been uniquely designed to eliminate the risk of water coming into contact with the mechanical workings of lift systems, meaning that Public Liability insurance requirements, British Standards and environmental legislation can all be met.  The system’s deployment of self-contained and accessible units for the direct management of both permeated water and hydraulic oils, ensures that the demands for maintenance are proactively facilitated.

Pitsafe’s™ pioneering design allows lift owners and managing agents to meet their legal requirement to ensure that lifts and lift pits are maintained to a safe standard, whilst placing the environmental risk of managing waste oil back into the hands of the qualified professionals.  By implementing Pitsafe™ technology, moisture and mechanics can be effectively distanced, reducing costs and operational downtimes, whilst improving user reliability and ensuring that health and safety risks are minimised.

Simon Martin, Managing Director of the Crownstone Group of Companies, said “I am absolutely thrilled to be launching Pitsafe™ today: for me, it represents the culmination of 20 years’ work in the structural waterproofing and surveying sectors.  At Crownstone, the key company values which drive everything we do are excellence and humanity – and, in its ability to meet the individual needs of all stakeholders, as well as ensuring safety and operational efficiency, Pitsafe™ has the capacity to be a game-changer in facilities and block management.  Its ability to deliver consistent performance for users and peace of mind to lift owners and managers is unparalleled.

For more information about Pitsafe™, visit the website or contact Crownstone Group on 0208 226 5654.