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Rinnai Warms Up The Bonny Banks Of Holiday Lodges On Loch Lomond With Off-Grid LPG Continuous Flow Hot Water Heating Units


Rinnai 1600e continuous flow water heaters, powered by LPG, have been installed in accommodation units at an off-grid holiday park on the banks of Scotland’s Loch Lomond, the UK’s biggest body of freshwater at just over 36 kilometres long​.

The Loch Lomond & Trossachs area is also a highly popular National Park - 1,865 sq. km (720 sq. miles) - and has a boundary length of 350km (220miles). Just over 50% of Scotland’s population lives within an hour’s drive of this National Park

The site, towards the southern end of the loch, is popular all-year round, as it is just 40 minutes from Glasgow. The site has a selection of lodges and chalets, many with outdoor hot tubs, accommodating up to 10 people per each unit. There is a leisure centre, swimming pool, restaurants and cafes plus communal areas used for concerts, especially tribute acts.

The Rinnai LPG water heaters are powered by LPG but can work just as efficiently on BioLPG – a lower carbon intensive alternative source of fuel. LPG is one of the lowest carbon emitting sources of fuel for the 15% of UK businesses and domiciles that function off-grid. Bio-LPG could be one of the replacements for LPG in the future meaning that off-grid sites can “drop-in” lower carbon fuels of the future and Rinnai continuous flow water heaters will be ready, thus futureproofing their hot water heating provisions.

BioLPG consists of renewable materials derived from a diverse mix of sustainable biological feedstocks and processes. Supported through cleaner sourced chemical ingredients BioLPG provides huge benefits in carbon reductions and air quality, compared to traditional off-grid fuels such as heating oil.

Further alternative fuel sources such as renewable biofuel Dimethyl ether (DME) can also be employed by Rinnai continuous flow water heaters. Renewable DME is like LPG. It is a molecule-based fuel that can be produced through a wide range of renewable feedstocks which allows for quick and long-term sustainable production.

DME combusts cleanly and releases no “soot” emissions. Dimethyl ether has many fuel properties that make it easily used in sites and appliances using heating oil. It has a remarkably high cetane number, which is a measure of the fuel's ignitibility in compression ignition engines. The energy efficiency and power ratings of DME and heating oil engines are virtually the same. R DME is safe and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 85% better improving local air quality.

Rinnai is pioneering product development to support the green fuels of the future so that LPG water heaters and boilers today are ready for a greener tomorrow. Find out more about renewable liquid fuels by joining our newsletter at

Rinnai’s range of products include domestic and commercial heat pumps that offer immediate property decarbonisation. Rinnai is determined to provide UK customers with cost effective low carbon solutions towards domestic and commercial hot water and building heating provision.

Rinnai Offers Clear Pathways To Lower Carbon And Decarbonisation Plus Customer Cost Reductions For Commercial, Domestic And Off-Grid Heating & Hot Water Delivery 

  • Rinnai’s range of decarbonising products - H1/H2/H3 - consists of hot water heating units in gas/BioLPG/DME, hydrogen ready units, electric instantaneous hot water heaters, electric storage cylinders and buffer vessels, a comprehensive range of heat pumps, solar, hydrogen-ready or natural gas  in any configuration of hybrid formats for either residential or commercial applications. Rinnai’s H1/2/3 range of products and systems offer contractors, consultants and end users a range of efficient, robust and affordable low carbon/decarbonising appliances which create practical, economic and technically feasible solutions. 
  • Rinnai is a world leading manufacturer of hot water heaters and produces over two million units a year, operating on each of the five continents. The brand has gained an established reputation for producing products that offer high performance, cost efficiency and extended working lives. 
  • Rinnai products are UKCA certified, A-rated water efficiency, accessed through multiple fuel options and are available for purchase 24/7, 365 days a year. Any unit can be delivered to any UK site within 24 hours.
  • Rinnai offer carbon and cost comparison services that will calculate financial and carbon savings made when investing in a Rinnai system. Rinnai also provide a system design service that will suggest an appropriate system for the property in question.
  • Rinnai offer comprehensive training courses and technical support in all aspects of the water heating industry including detailed CPD’s.
  • The Rinnai range covers all forms of fuels and appliances currently available - electric, gas, hydrogen, BioLPG, DME solar thermal, low GWP heat pumps and electric water heaters More information can be found on Rinnai’s website and its “Help Me Choose” webpage. 



20%              REDUCTION of opex cost,

30%              REDUCTION of initial cost

15%              REDUCTION in carbon

75%              REDUCTION of space