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Splash-pads - Making Water Safe And Fun For Everyone


Without echoing every other article written about this year, we have found 2020 to have been incredibly challenging. Our lives have been affected in ways that we could not have imagined, and in such a short period of time.

Some of the effects have been overt and uncontrollable, but we have all tried to mitigate the ways in which the ‘new normal’ impacts our daily lives. There is one thing that is beneficial to us all in times of uncertainty, and that is the calming and cleansing qualities of water.

Blue Health: Water For Healing

We all know the emotional and healing benefits of being near water, whether it be a river, lake, swimming pool or a calm, blue, ocean. The European Union consolidated the importance of water to well-being in 2016, with their new project Blue Health 2020. This is a four-year inter-disciplinary research project that examines the effects of aquatic environments on the body and mind. Their goal is to explore the best ways to use water to improve the well-being of people living in busy cities.

After enduring all that 2020 has thrown our way, the simple act of being near water has become increasingly more important for our well-being. As we start to interact with public life again, we will notice the significance of water’s therapeutic qualities even more.


Safe Aquaplay: The Tonic For 2021

Our natural connection to water is enhanced when we share its benefits. This explains the rapid growth in the popularity of safe Splash-pad parks over the recent years. These brilliantly fun and interactive water play environments are highly flexible, so that they can correspond structurally with their surroundings. Splash-pads are relatively low cost to install, upkeep, and maintain; whereas traditional swimming pool facilities run by local authorities or commercial theme parks, are much more expensive to sustain.

With all the fun, Splash-pads have to be safe as well. As Splash-pads have zero water accumulation and incorporate an array of different water-spray features, the risk of drowning is very low and the requirement of lifeguarding staff, non-existent. Additionally, Splash-pads are COVID-19 safe, as all water used is run through a chemical treatment system, which eliminates all air borne bacteria, including Legionella.

Regular testing for airborne bacteria by trained water engineers, such as the team at AquaNeo, forms part of an extensive maintenance schedule. This schedule ensures constant water quality and safety. Not only this, but a Splash-pad with a single-use system supplied by mains water, the airborne bacteria cannot survive. This is because the fresh water is not recycled, but is flushed straight to the main drain after it has been used.

In a recycled system, the used water is returned back to a tank where the water is treated and filtered, before being passed through chemical dosing where all bacteria is removed. This system will be checked on a regular basis, assuring that the treated water is suitable for use in the Splash-pad.


So if like us, you believe everyone should benefit from safe, interactive Splash-pad fun, then please get in touch and let's make 2021 be a year of shared and safe fun, together.

Article written by David Perry, Director of AquaNeo Limited.


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