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SurveyorTech – Bringing Risk Assessments to Life



SurveyorTech enables Facilities Managers to record, evidence and bring to life their approach to risk assessments and compliance with images and video that can be annotated, viewed and shared all within the SurveyorTech portal.

Developed by Software Solved who have over 20 years’ experience in developing and delivering custom software and data projects SurveyorTech is a cost-effective digital solution to assessing and capturing risk assessments either remotely or on premise.

As an engineer with over 30 years' experience in Healthcare, Higher Education, Further Education and Registered Charities, the challenges for Senior Estates and Facilities professionals are varied," said Paul Pattinson. "In my last six roles as Head of Department, statutory compliance in areas such as Asbestos, Legionella amongst many others are often areas where E&F managers have to evidence base, especially with increased litigation claim awareness, but also, for E&F Managers to provide assurance to CEO’s, Governors, Principals and Trustees as well as external audit e.g HSE, Public Health England amongst others.

"SurveyorTech is a software package that can be adopted and adapted to meet any sector."

– Paul Pattinson

Paul continued, "In my opinion, SurveyorTech software is a tool that has many benefits for the E&F professionals amongst many others i.e reduction in time demand, ability to demonstrate compliance and in this current climate of COVID, able to provide access remotely to third parties. Any assistance to reduce litigation claims, provide assurance to execs / external audits and reduce time constraints is of benefit and I for one believe SurveyorTech is a software package that can be adopted and adapted to meet any sector."

How does SurveyorTech work?

Through the SurveyorTech app you can use either your smartphones camera or a 360o camera to capture images of a building adding annotations as you go. Once uploaded to the SurveyorTech portal you can then create visual walkthroughs, upload floor plans, create, edit, and expand annotations and securely share with key stakeholders.

Why use SurveyorTech?

With the ability to conduct either on-premise or remote assessments of a building, SurveyorTech enables Facilities Managers to quickly build up a record of the condition of a building including risk management features and inventory that can then be shared securely for collaboration with stakeholders to help manage, mitigate and eliminate identified risks.

On-premise benefits include:

- Bring risk assessments to life with images, text and video.   
- Document where risks are situated and evidence improvement over time.
- Quickly record, document and evidence the condition of a property, site and inventory at any time using a combination of 360° images, flat images, video and text.
- Develop a highly visual record of risk management to defend against litigation claims and provide an evidenced based approach to compliance. 
- Reduce the time and effort investigating litigation and insurance claims by enabling people on site to quickly capture information on the issues and sharing with management and key stakeholders. 

And there is more. All SurveyorTech plans include a remote surveying features, as standard allowing subscribers to host unlimited video calls with their clients.

Remote benefits include:

- Free use of the App for the onsite representative.
- Reduction in the time and effort to investigate issues, faults, emergencies and requests for advice by enabling remote specialists to hold live video streams with people on the ground.
- Ability to document observations on the live stream with text, images and video bursts.
- Share the output of a remote live stream with other stakeholders, such as your team and external vendors to collaborate on the management and maintenance of the buildings and systems under your care.
- Limit your call out time, disruption, associated costs and carbon footprint.

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