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TopBrewer Launches Voice Control

Scanomat, who brought us the world’s first app-controlled professional coffee machine, TopBrewer, almost 10 years ago, has taken its user experience to a whole new level with the launch of TopBrewerVoice - a Siri enabled shortcut that will allow users to seamlessly order their favourite premium coffee using just their voice.

The original touchless coffee machine, and now widely acknowledged as the world’s smartest coffee experience, the TopBrewer eco-system is the only truly vertically integrated, IoT platform for coffee machines, combining hardware, software and coffee supply to deliver a uniquely dynamic, and highly sustainable, premium coffee experience for today’s experience-driven consumer.

Frederik Vibe-Petersen, who led the TopBrewerVoice project for Scanomat, said:

“The introduction of voice control for TopBrewer was always part of the plan, but in light of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, was quickly moved to the top of our development priorities as an opportunity to further expand our range of user-friendly, touchless coffee capabilities, such as app control, which is already widely available to TopBrewer consumers worldwide.”

“Due to the vertically integrated nature of the TopBrewer eco-system, we are uniquely positioned to deliver rapid deployment of new features to our existing clients remotely over the air - introducing new features and updates would not be possible with conventional platforms, or would create significant upgrade costs for the client. We have enabled TopBrewerVoice in a matter of weeks, free to our customers, so that they can deliver an enhanced and reassuring experience to their users.”

As well as voice control, the latest app release enables app-control on all TopBrewer machines worldwide through proxy mode, provided the machine is connected to CoffeeCloud.


This evolutionary capability makes TopBrewer probably the most sustainable and dynamic asset in the coffee machine world, and perhaps beyond. The TopBrewer platform is constantly evolving and improving, in complete contrast to conventional assets that depreciate and degrade over time. Scanomat’s approach allows clients to de-risk their investment as they can be confident it will outperform and outlast conventional alternatives - without worrying that they will have to invest again in a short period of time to catch up with the latest features.

Frederik adds, “As a global society we throw away to landfill far too many appliances, with a detrimental impact on the planet. Significantly increasing the lifetime value of a product, whilst continuing to improve it with a connected philosophy dramatically extends product lifecycle and value. Our mission with TopBrewer is to provide a sustainable and dynamic asset that grows with your business and is future-proof.”

With CoffeeCloud, powered by TopBrewer, Scanomat are not only able to deliver new digital features and updates over the air. CoffeeCloud, also a world’s first, enables real-time fleet management, remote diagnostics for technical support and provides customers with live data and push notifications to help them manage the best possible experience, whilst delivering the efficiencies IoT connected technology enables in a digitally connected world.

Building on the platform, Scanomat intend to take CoffeeCloud to yet another level with the soon to be released TopBrewer BaristaDJ. BaristaDJ goes well beyond the current capabilities of CoffeeCloud and will deliver tools that will provide for pro-active remote intervention - in real time. This exciting leap forward will allow Scanomat technicians to remotely connect with the TopBrewer and make interventions to adjust parameters within the system, control components and rapidly diagnose and fix problems in a fraction of the time it would take to get a technician to site. This not only enhances the experience of the product, its uptime and reliability - it provides a world of possibilities in the future to review how these services are charged for - something the market will be very excited about for sure.