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Design, Style And Safety: Touchless Cold-Water Innovation


FRIIA hands-free cold-water system, new from Marco, is the
perfect solution for a more premium, sustainable experience.

FRIIA is the perfect substitute for bottled or POU water
whilst still considering hygiene and design.

Providing fresh, healthy drinking water, reducing carbon footprints, and implementing visible hygiene and safety measures are some of the biggest considerations within the foodservice and facilities management industries today. As employees hopefully start to return to their offices, and hospitality sites re-open, there will be an added push to provide better experiences and value to customers, users, and employees.

The new FRIIA hands-free cold-water system, from Marco Beverage Systems, is the perfect solution for operators who want to give their sites an extra premium, more sustainable feel. The FRIIA hands-free cold-water solution is perfect for replacing bottled water or a point-of-use system, whilst still considering hygiene and design.

With a sleek, stylish, and space-saving aesthetic FRIIA is ideal for high end, design-oriented clients who also wish to provide a touch-free journey for their users, employees, or consumers.


FRIIA offers multiple formats - hot/cold/sparking – with all the key components sitting neatly under the counter. Water is then dispensed from a sleek and stylish brushed-metal font that sits on the countertop. The minimal countertop footprint of the font frees up significant space on the counter for tea, coffee, fruit, or glassware. While the existing models require a simple, single touch of a button, the new touch free version eliminates any hygiene concerns as it completely removes the single customer touchpoint.

The FRIIA hands-free cold-water system is also the perfect solution for hospitality, retail, or foodservice locations as it cuts down on labour from a barista or server. By providing a touchless cold-water station, baristas and servers do not need to waste time filling water bottles and can focus on serving customers.

The font is activated by a user holding their hand about 4 inches over the top. This means that the actual font is never touched. This also means that spillage or accidental overflow if a cup if left on under the font is not an issue.


FRIIA is yet another Marco Beverage Systems product with the defining characteristics of sleek design, precision control and energy-efficiency. Drinking water options for the workplace have changed dramatically in the past decade, as clients are rejecting plastic bottles, while frowning on touch points and the carbon footprint associated with traditional POU water systems. FRIIA by comparison is up to 23% more energy-efficient than leading competitors and eliminates single-use plastic in any foodservice or facilities management application. In February 2020, FRIIA won the “Energy Efficiency Innovation” award at Food & Bev Live 2020.

FRIIA’s undercounter chiller incorporates aluminium block technology to chill incoming water by an average of 10˚C and operators have the option to choose whatever filtration system will work best for their specific location’s needs.  

FRIIA hands-free is available to order now from Marco partners around the world. To find the Marco Distributor in your area, click here or contact