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Tutum Energy Introduce Coolnomix, Energy Saver


UK company gain exclusive distribution rights of Energy Saving Device into UK sectors, Spain and Ireland with options on additional territories.

Introducing Coolnomix, Energy Saver

Tutum Energy have added Coolnomix to their portfolio of sustainable solutions due to its notable success. Coolnomix is a British designed technology that works alongside your existing cooling systems (air-conditioning and refrigerants) without impacting their performance. It can deliver savings of up to 40% and the average savings delivered across the UK is currently 27.5%. Coolnomix has saved businesses hundreds of thousands in electricity costs whilst also reducing their carbon footprint.

In the current climate, businesses and governing bodies are under extreme pressure to adopt eco-friendly initiatives which is why these maintenance-free devices are a popular solution for many.

How it works

In most air-conditioning applications, a lot of energy is wasted because the unit’s compressor (the main running cost component) runs much longer than is needed. Using a patented process, the advanced COOLNOMIX® control device reduces the run-time of the cooling system compressor, therefore, reducing electricity consumption even in the most demanding high and humid environments.

It has proven success even in the largest compressor-driven refrigeration equipment. It will eliminate dripping and icing—even in very high humidity environments and is easily fitted to existing equipment used to cool dairy products, drinks, wine, perishable foods in supermarkets and other commercial areas.

Businesses and governing bodies across the board are under extreme pressure to reduce their carbon emissions, and with energy prices at record breaking heights, this creates even more of a burden. Tutum Energy intend to support them and demonstrate the huge savings that Coolnomix can deliver before they invest in Coolnomix devices long term.

Provides a rapid return on investment

Coolnomix delivers a payback period of 24 months on average but has seen as little as 7 months in some scenarios. It is determined by the three following drivers:

  • Price per kWh
  • Size of Unit (kWh Cooling Capacity)
  • AC Run Time

Unlike solar panels that can take more than 10 years to earn back your initial investment, Coolnomix is a favourable solution due to its rapid results. The devices each come with an attractive 10-year warranty from the date of installation.

Household names already saving energy with Coolnomix

Big brands including Coca Cola have already capitalised on the energy savings delivered by Coolnomix. The industry demand spans from hospitality, food and drink, facilities management and more!

  • The Restaurant Group: Coolnomix Technology reduces energy consumption by 30% across The Restaurant Group PLC.
  • Dakota Hotels: total energy saving of 27%.
  • Greggs: reduced energy consumption across their AC & refrigeration estate by 43%.
  • Sodexo: endorses Emissis Energy Saving Technology Coolnomix.
More businesses can benefit from Coolnomix and experience it for FREE

Tutum Energy are offering suitable businesses the opportunity to trial Coolnomix completely free for 30 days in a ‘try before you buy’ pilot scheme that intends to deliver instant savings as well as setting realistic expectations for the future. Upon completion of the pilot, the Tutum Energy team will provide a full analysis that represents savings in kWh, CO2 and money as well as the expected payback period.

Learn more about the free trials by visiting our website: Coolnomix Free Trial