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Unforeseen Benefits of Complete Education Training


Complete Education Technology solutions, such as UhUb, provide huge unforeseen benefits say UK companies.

Training is a significant tool for developing, engaging, and more so these days retaining employees, however the type of training and how it’s deployed can make all the difference between ticking a box or truly enhancing an employee experience.

This has never been more important due to increased demands for improved cleaning standards, employee wellness, sustainability credentials, and a growing need for demonstrability. With the deployment of complete Education Technology solutions, such as UhUb, companies are able to go further with whole workforce training and believe it’s the only way to establish and deliver against today’s high expectations. We recently spent time with some businesses who use such systems to discuss the importance this has, and the role training should play within an organisation.

A key factor mentioned by many cleaning companies is the need for a multi layered approach to training. This should include elements such as developing an understanding of what excellence in cleaning is, both the why and the how, the proper use of cleaning products or equipment, as well as an ever-broadening set of topics like mental health, EDI, Specialist Skills, Leadership etc…. Some companies add to this by integrating their own, or client led training into the solution. These companies, understand the importance of a complete education solution that can facilitate training across the company structure and disciplines. Cleaning companies are not only concerned with cleaning skills. They want to ensure they enhance their employee working experience and provide information and education wherever possible. A concept which is beginning to gain traction with those companies serious enough about the role training plays within their businesses to properly invest in it.

Whilst expanding on the range of training available is important, for many companies the biggest challenge has been how to deliver what training they have consistently across their businesses. Training is often delivered from managers on site, to small groups, and often in an ad-hoc way, which can be time & resource heavy and exacerbate the issue of non-standardised training in the workforce. Good trainers have bad days.

Whole-workforce training and engagement, the philosophy behind UhUb, removes this issue.

Good quality training solutions are designed to make training easy for employees, particularly important for new starters, and employees whose first language is not English. Some of the companies we spoke to have highlighted that some of their employees can feel a little intimidated when being trained 1-2-1, whereas Education Technology solutions give people the opportunity to feel less pressurised and learn at their own speed whilst also being able to take into consideration potential difficulties such as hearing issues and language barriers.

Another key challenge described by companies focusses on engaging employees in training which can be a struggle, whether they work 2 hours or 45 hours per week. The solution is to ensure training style and content is easily digestible, accessible, and, incentivised. For some companies the inclusion of ‘in system’ incentives is an important element for success. Even simple engagement tools like the UhUb ‘live’ leader board have shown that employees are often competitive where you least expect it and are motivated by that competition. In some cases, there has been a sense of competitiveness that has evolved between sites and teams driving training engagement to surprising levels.

A common benefit seen by many companies is that leader boards can often be dominated by those you least expect. The quieter employees have begun to use training success as a ‘voice’ which has resulted in additional hours or responsibilities being awarded to those who clearly want to progress. They have been seen, recognised, and rewarded.


Some companies have gone further and use success in training and engagement as a measurement for succession planning. Regular Cleaning are a company that invests heavily in succession planning and have recognised two distinct groups. Firstly, those colleagues who simply don’t want to progress as they are happy with their hours. These colleagues will possibly move on at some point and therefore don’t engage beyond the mandatory training. Secondly, colleagues who do want to progress within the company, and see the cleaning industry as a quality career opportunity. These individuals have fully embraced UhUb as they can see the importance of, and the path for, their development journey and want to understand what they need to do to progress. As the management team now have much more visibility & awareness, they can use this knowledge to benchmark for things like redundancy scoring or promotions. In addition, Regular Cleaning have created Learning Pathways to support their planning. Through personal progress reports colleagues can now track where they are with their learning progress and understand what they need to do to be promoted to a new role. Both individual learners and management are empowered.

Across the industry employees have really started to see the benefits of online training of various styles. Companies are telling us that employee surveys have highlighted the training is improving how businesses engage with their operatives and is broadening the perception of what that means. Employees seem to particularly like the sense of being able to complete their training when they feel comfortable, whether that’s allocated time within working hours or another time more suited to them. The choice is theirs.

Demonstrable training standards are not only beneficial for employee motivation but also for demonstrating consistency with cleaning service clients during tenders and review meetings. With complete Education Technology solutions, training that is correctly and uniformly delivered can now be clearly and reliably demonstrated through live reports, something cleaning service clients have appreciated and have been very enthusiastic about. Live reports, leader boards and other data have proved powerful tools in sharing with clients exactly how their cleaning teams are performing when expanding skills and knowledge, and they can now influence the content of that knowledge directly to suit their environments, both physical and social.

Solutions like UhUb, and their clients, want to go further so they have created a new way of training they call ‘Knowledge Networks’ which deploys standardised learning right across the supply chain. Companies like Regular Cleaning have started this journey by encouraging their subcontracting partners to use UhUb and they are creating and sharing client specific training through the supply chain. This means that when they say ALL involved in a contract provision are trained to the same standards, they can demonstrate how that’s happening and the results in real time. These knowledge networks are becoming increasingly valued and will significantly change how standards are achieved across the industry.

Companies that have fully embraced complete Education Technology solutions believe that working collaboratively with their training partner is the lynch pin of  developing quality solutions for a rapidly changing, ever improving sector and successfully embedding training in a business. If your solution provider is truly interested in improving the sector, ideas can be worked on and progressed and the outcome is a continued improvement in training standards rather than a protection of relevance, something which will vastly benefit business, people and service users alike, along with the sector as a whole. Something we should all be extremely keen about.

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