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Wren Deliver Smart Building Tech

Wren Deliver Smart Building Tech


Wren have successfully completed its pilot trials of 2nd Sight and have been delighted with the results the system has delivered to our customers. The early adopters of 2nd sight have also reported how pleased they have been with the quality of information and how quickly it has had a positive impact on their business.

Paul Hurrell, Managing Director commented:

“We always believed 2nd Sight would be a great tool. Not only to provide our customers with an innovative solution to some age-old issues within buildings. But also deliver a level of visibility, accessibility and control never experienced until now.”

“With the launch of 2nd Sight coinciding with the Covid pandemic the system proved its flexibility as it was easy to capture Co2, occupancy levels etc. from the sensors without any extra outlay”.

Example of areas where Covid compliance is not being achieved.


The system uses a simple dashboard to display the conditions in the building. But also stores detailed analytical data in the background should it be needed. The system can be configured to meet the bespoke needs of individual buildings – or building portfolios. Once the parameters are agreed, the platform will send alerts through SMS or email to warn of potential breach of compliance thresholds or highlighting building systems that require attention. This can also be used to monitor desk usage to priorities cleaning and sanitation of workspaces as well as occupancy levels for Covid compliance. The analysis of the data stream provides the resource to positively impact the longer-term management strategy which is of value during times of inconsistent or low occupancy – especially relating to cleaning and maintenance protocols. The system is also able to bolt on additional sensors such as CT’s for meter readings, vibration, current and run time sensors etc. for business focused maintenance activities and predictive plant replacement plans.


The real beauty of this platform is its flexibility. On one hand it can be used out of the box – retrofitted to legacy building systems to monitor known critical areas of efficiency – or it can be installed as part of a planned building management strategy right from the outset of the project. Wren are able to offer a solution that really does meet all budgets, so that sustainability and efficiency goals can be met even when budget constraints don’t allow a full smart building management approach. Another significant advantage for facilities managers is that it is an entirely portable system. Should contracts change, then the hardware can simply be removed and re-installed at a different site without the need to re-invest.


Wren Secure Second Win at The National Physics Laboratory


Wren having successfully delivered the Phase 1 project for the Flammability laboratories In March 2020, in November 2020 Wren was approached by the main client NPL and Celltarga (main contractor) regarding the ground floor and first floor refurbishment.

The Wren developed scheme involved removing the old heating system and to carry out the full design and installation of a Mitsubishi VRF system with HRU Ventilation. The new equipment has been specifically designed to meet the needs of NPL, having a mixture of open plan office space, meeting rooms and laboratories.

During the design process the Wren team were also asked to include an upgrade of all mechanical ventilation plant, domestic hot and cold-water services. Along with the replacement of Server room air conditioning systems.

Following a collaborative process Wren were awarded the contract and work started in January 2021 with a tight completion deadline of April 2021.

Darren Lehan (Wren Project Manager) commented:

“The project at NPL really shows off Wren’s project capabilities and level of professionalism of the company. From the success of Phase 1, we were asked back for Phase 2 which was an immensely proud moment for me and the team. As all projects do, it has had its challenges; the most difficult being maintaining the project program during the Covid 19 pandemic. However, the whole team including our trusted supply partners have been great in embracing the challenges and looking for solutions rather than more problems. This can-do attitude it’s a characteristic at Wren, which has been key in ensuring the project stayed within plan in terms of time and budget.”

Wren’s project team specialise in the design and installation of Mechanical, Electrical Public Health and Air Conditioning Installations.

  • Mechanical Services Installations.
  • Electrical Services Installations.
  • Air Conditioning Installations.
  • Heating and Boiler Installations.
  • Chiller Replacements.
  • Fit Out and restorations works.
  • Minor building works.

Wren hold a number of manufacture back registered service partner accreditations, which allow us to offer extended warranties which can be as long as 5-year in the case of new Mitsubishi supplied equipment.

  • Mitsubishi – Business Solutions Partner Accredited.
  • Dakin – D1 Partner accredited.
  • Price Industries – 1of 3 UK Accredited Service partners.
  • Construction line – Gold Member.
  • Gas Safe – Accreditation.
  • F Gas – Accreditation.
  • Chas – Accreditation.
  • Contractor Plus – Accreditation.
  • NIC EIC – Accreditation.
  • ISO 9001,14001,5001,18001.

Wren Announce Great Start to 2021


Wren Environmental Ltd are delighted to announce that even after a great start to 2021, our orders remain strong.

A key feature of 2021 is our relationship with CLS Holdings which started in September 2020, having taken part in a competitive tendering exercise. Wren’s dynamic management structure and "can do" culture were key factors for the award. As well as a subsequent successful mobilisation and delivery of services. We have now completed the mobilisation at Radius house which went live on the 15th January 2021 as planned and we continue to work in partnership with CLS Holdings on further properties.

Our contract with CLS Holdings currently consists of five buildings, totalling 312,566 Sq Ft of high-quality commercial office space, for multiple tenants. The Wren dedicated team of technicians is led by our Contract Manager Gary Sturges.  Gary was nominated to be the Account Manager for CLS Holdings due to being a proven and effective Contract Manager during his 10 year service at Wren Environmental.

“We are really excited to have been awarded these contracts with CLS Holdings and look forward to working in partnership with our client to realise their aspirations for the sites”.

- Paul Hurrell

Managing Director, Wren Environmental

April will see Wren commence our first implementation of (Second Sight) at Nexus Place. Nexus Place was a contract we secured and successfully mobilised during the first pandemic lockdown. Which is testament to dedication of the MAPP and Wren operations teams. Less than one year on we are extremely excited to be implementing innovation aimed at enhancing the customer experience for the building users.

Second Sight is a truly affordable end to end building environment and plant monitoring solution that drives ongoing energy savings. Which can be installed on all systems such as heating, cooling, and water systems. It works off Bluetooth technology and GSM routers via a gate way, it’s easy, quick and affordable to install and can be installed in commercial office, retail and residential.

Internal sensors monitor Co2 levels, lux, temperature, and humidity but also noise making it ideal for offices/meeting room or general office applications. The Bluetooth sensors can be used for pipe sensors and immersion sensor monitoring hot and cold-water temps, ideal for compliance and adds that extra level of comfort that the systems are meeting the required temperatures and gives early indication to possible plant failures or not achieving parameters.


The system is infinitely configurable as there are many more sensors available. For example, due to the pandemic a lot of buildings have low occupancy. Which has led to several systems being fitted with extra leak detection. Whilst other sensors can capture the occupancy levels, triggering alarms, should staff levels building up in confined areas.

The system also delivers innovations such as “Desk Monitor” which can capture desk use and relay the information to your cleaning company. Therefore, focusing effort on used desks and high-volume areas, saving you money and making it safer for your employees.

The system is also portable, so should you relocate you can take you investment with you, as internal sensors don’t need to be hard wired.  

The system reports are cloud-based allowing you to monitor your site/ sites from anywhere on one platform. We can also configure your system to alert you to your mobile or email where Compliance is about to be breached or Energy usage out of normal parameters.

We can also use it as a predictive tool for business focused maintenance and alerting call out teams to plant failures.


For further information on our building and environmental engineering services, please contact us.