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ALFA Eco Tech Launches “Mechanical Solution” to Virus Transmission

10 March 2021

CoviX101 is a non-toxic product that claims to use molecular nano spikes to kill microorganisms.

Developed by ALFA Eco Tech, when CoviX101 is applied to a surface it is said to create microscopic molecular nano spikes that have the ability to puncture the cell walls of any microorganisms and “electrocute” them - thereby killing them instantly upon impact. The microbes cannot adapt to this mechanical approach and are not able to mutate into superbugs.

The company is hoping the product will help FMs deliver a value-added service for their clients, to help reduce the surface transmission of viruses and bacteria.


The Cleaning Challenge


The biggest challenge for any cleaning regimen in public buildings, is that post-disinfection, that surface becomes vulnerable to the next human hand to touch it. The team behind CoviX101 hopes to help eliminate this risk.

CoviX101 originates from the NASA International Space Station project of the 1980s, helping to keep the surfaces in the Space Station free of viruses and bacteria, to reduce the risk of transmission between incoming and outgoing astronauts. CoviX101 was not only effective in killing all biomatter, it also developed a layer on the surfaces which gave extended efficacy. 

ALFA Eco Tech tells us that the active ingredients in CoviX101 are non-toxic so there is no need for any certifications. Bruce Hunter from ALFA Eco Tech explained: “Those in the FM sector are needing the reassurance that the product has proven extended efficacy and want to understand how it works, we are more than happy to explain and demonstrate the CoviX101 product to them. 

“This is a product from then, and never more relevant than the here and now .... and frankly if it’s good enough for the NASA Space Station it’s more than good enough for Planet Earth.”

Wayne Boldy, Director of ALFA Eco Tech added: “We have extended trials going on within the health sector, and testimonials from some well-known establishments, so we are in an ideal position to support FM businesses as we prepare nationally to follow the government pathway through the spring and into the summer and beyond.”

Picture: a photograph showing a sign that says "closed for cleaning"

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 10 March 2021


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