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Energy Transition Update


Major economies across the globe will introduce a variety of sustainable low-carbon energies in replacement of fossil fuels.

American subsidies and pan-European motivation to locate energies that do not enrich Russian military action in Ukraine are fuelling multiple clean energy projects across every continent. 

UK Intallations & Projects 

UK domestic energy policy is shifting towards renewable and alternative low carbon energies that restrict the release of harmful emissions. Fossil fuels will be replaced by a mix of wind, wave, solar, and hydrogen. Following is a short summary on financial investments and construction work concerning new low-carbon installations and projects. 

UK based solar energy companies Cero Generation and Enso Energy have successfully connected the 50MW Larks Green solar farm site to the UK transmission network. The first solar farm to do so. All UK solar farms had previously been connected to regional distribution networks. Connecting to the national grid means that clean energy can be transported further and allows for further future clean energy projects to also connect to the grid. 

Construction could soon begin on Centre Port UK, a £2 billion tidal barrage that will link Norfolk with south Lincolnshire. Plans of this development include a hydro-electric dam for sea defence which will also supply domestic power to 500,000 homes. The site is also planning to install a facility that generates green hydrogen. It is hoped that construction can begin in 2025 and be completed by 2030.  

Independent energy infrastructure company Kellas Midstream and German multinational RWE will collaborate in identifying opportunities to generate green hydrogen in Teesside. RWE are aiming to invest £15 billion in UK green energy projects by 2030. 

UK power company Conrad Energy has acquired a 15-year PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with international banking group BNP Paribas. Conrad Energy’s Larport solar farm located in Hertfordshire will deliver clean power towards BNP Paribas’ UK operations.  


European economies are preparing a future that does not include Russian oil or gas imports. Widespread renewable and sustainable alternatives will be used in replacement. This immediate shift has welcomed a period of investment that means mainland Europe is rife with renewable energy projects. 

Shell has joined the VindØ Consortium which aims to design and develop the world’s first energy island located in the Danish North Sea. The island will aim to deliver up to 10GW of offshore wind once completed. Other members of the VindØ Consortium consist of Denmark’s two biggest pension funds as well as CIP (Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners).  

International French renewable energy company Sonnedix has signed a 10-year power purchase agreement with American digital infrastructure company Equinix. Power will be supplied to Equinix via solar installations in Cuenca and the Castilla – La Mancha region. Both sites will be operational by 2024 and maintain a capacity of 150MW, 

Norwegian renewable energy company Statkraft is planning to construct a new wind farm in the Siegen-Wittgenstein district of Germany. Statkraft’s Erndtebrück project will power over 50,000 German homes via green electricity. Start and finish date of construction in scheduled for 2027.  

Swedish state-owned power company vattenfall aims to upgrade four already existing hydro power stations across Sweden that will create an additional 730MW of spare capacity. All construction modifications are hoped to be ready by 2032. 

German power company RWE has released figures stating that a total of €8bn was invested in clean energy projects in the first quarter of 2023. Amongst these investments are a €6.3 billion takeover of US solar company Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses, a hydrogen gas fired power station in the Netherlands and the acquisition of UK solar developer JBM Solar. 


President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has created fertile conditions for potential domestic and overseas investors. America is currently the world’s most attractive option when considering clean energy investment due to the subsidies that the IRA offers. America also views renewable energy as the most responsible form of power and is busy installing various clean energy facilities across the country. 

US renewable energy company Aspen Power has purchased 10 solar projects from Sunrise Energy. All 10 sites total a combined 42MW of clean energy capacity. 

US chemical giant Dupont has signed a 15-year PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with American energy company NextEra Energy from the Appaloosa Run Wind Energy Centre. The Texas wind farm will produce 135MW of renewable electricity, capable of powering nearly 70,000 homes.  

American power company Invenergy, US renewable investors - Clean Path NY Partners, American clean energy developers energyRe and the New York Power Authority have announced the completion of the 103.9MW Number Three Wind Energy Centre. The project is the result of $220 million of investment and comprises of 27 wind turbines. 

US hydrokinetic energy company Waterotor International has officially revealed a new hybrid marine system called “The Big Cajun” that produces energy from water and wind. The new 20MW system is currently under development in Louisiana and will be Waterotor’s first major ocean deployment project once completed.