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Advertising Specific Terms & Conditions

For All Advertising

The following terms and conditions are applicable to any Banner Advertisement on the ThisWeekinFM website or eNewsletter that has a commercial implication.


1.1. The first invoice will be sent on receipt of a completed Order Acknowledgement form.

1.2. All invoices are to be paid within seven calendar days from invoice date and in advance of online publishing, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

1.3. Late payments of any invoice may incur an administration charge.

1.4. Interest will be payable on late payments at the rate of 4% above base rate from time to time.

1.5. reserves the right to withhold any part of the advertising package if there is an outstanding invoice beyond 45 calendar days.

1.6. Advertising Agency Commission: 10%


2.1 Standard Sidebar Banner is 120 pixels wide by 240 pixels high

2.2 Pop-out Banner is 120 pixels wide by 240 pixels high 

2.2.1. Pop-out Banners can include a maximum of 80 words

2.3 Article Separator Banner is 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels high

2.4 Mobile Banner is 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels high

2.5 Masthead Banner is 2500 pixels wide by 300 pixels high   

2.6 e-Newsletter Masthead Banner is 900 pixels wide by 300 pixels high   


3.1 Acceptable Banner Advertisement formats are .gif (animated permitted), .png, .jpeg or .bmp.

3.2. Each Banner Advertisement to be no larger than 1MB in file size.


4.1 Multiple Banner Advertisement designs can be submitted. Maximum rotation is every two weeks.

4.2 Banner Advertisements link to a specified URL:

4.2.1. Each Banner Advertisement can have a different URL link

4.2.2. URL links provided can contain tracker information

4.3 Different Banner Advertisement designs can be placed on different categories (if multiple categories purchased)

4.4 Banner Advertisements to be provided by the client in a 'ready to deploy' state, unless otherwise agreed

4.5 Banner Advertisements to be provided a minimum of one week prior to advertising start date. This is to allow the Banner Advertisement to be deployed to a staging area and give the Advertiser an opportunity to make changes

4.6 TWinFM reserves the right to refuse digital content material if deemed unsuitable and to amend advertising pricing if deemed appropriate


5.1 Activity generated from each Banner Advertisement is provided in a report, delivered at the start of each month and in arrears

5.2 The Publisher cannot be held responsible for Banner Advertisements failing to appear on all devices or operating systems nor for Ad Blocking systems deployed by recipients or their employers


A booking is considered firm as from the date of confirmation. There will be a standard charge for any cancellation or postponement at a rate dependent on the notice period given, unless otherwise stated in writing:

6.1 Any invoice payable upon date of confirmation is non-refundable.

6.2 Up to two weeks notice from date of confirmation incurs no additional charges.

6.3 Between two and four weeks notice from date of confirmation results in 50% of total order acknowledgement fee being payable.

6.4 Between four and six weeks notice from date of confirmation results in 80% of total order acknowledgement fee being payable.

6.5 Six weeks or more notice from date of confirmation results in 100% of total order acknowledgement fee being payable.