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Editorial Specific Terms & Conditions

For All Written Content

The following terms and conditions apply to commercial (paid-for) content on the ThisWeekinFM (TWinFM) website – this includes our editorial optimisation services and press release writing service.


1.1 If a telephone consultation is included in your package, this will be for 30 minutes only – any longer may be chargeable. 

1.2 We aim to schedule telephone consultations within five business days of receiving the request but this cannot be guaranteed – if we cannot find a mutually convenient time and no work has been completed then we shall offer you a refund or alternative service. 

1.3 Following the telephone consultation, if you supply incomplete information or the nature of the article is complex and requires additional research and / or fact checking, we may reject the proposal – in these instances we will supply a new quote based on a bespoke service which accounts for sufficient editorial time. 

1.4 We will aim to supply the first draft of the press release within two business days of the telephone consultation and receipt of any additional materials agreed within the consultation. 

1.5 Following review of the initial draft, you are entitled to one set of amendments only – any further amendments may be chargeable or should be completed by your team.  

1.6 After the embargo period, should you supply a press release written by ThisWeekinFM to any other business you should not credit ThisWeekinFM as the author. 


2.1 Final decisions on all articles including copy, images, formatting and related posts remain at the discretion of our editorial team.

2.2 Category selection must be relevant to the content of your article.

2.3 If we feel that your content is not appropriate for our publication, your submission may be rejected – if we choose not to publish, we will explain the reason and you will receive a full refund.

2.4 Accepted articles / press releases will be edited to comply with our Style Guide.

2.5 We aim to publish accepted articles within two business days of receiving payment and approval, but cannot guarantee this as publication date will be dependent on our editorial schedule.

2.6 Articles are a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 2000, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2.7 An article can contain a maximum of one image or video, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2.8 URL's can be used in the article as hyperlinks.

2.9 Press releases edited by ThisWeekinFM (as part of the Content Optimisation Service) should not be shared with others – only original press releases should be distributed. 

2.10 Any press release written by ThisWeekinFM is embargoed until 12 hours after publication on the TWinFM site – please notify ThisWeekinFM if you wish to distribute a press release to other news outlets.


3.1 Images for use with articles should be a minimum of 600 pixels wide and in landscape format.

3.2 All images to be provided in .gif, .png, .bmp or .jpg format. 

3.3 Multiple images can be provided but only one will be used.


4.1 A video clip can be used instead of an image, but the video must be hosted externally, preferably on YouTube.

4.2 The video embed code can only be used for articles, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

4.3 Provision of embed code for a playlist is acceptable.

4.4 If the embed code is not available, an acceptable alternative is an image, linked to a video hosted externally to TWinFM, subject to conditions.

5. CTAs & URLs

5.1 All hyperlinks will be displayed in line with the TWinFM Style Guide.

5.2 Any URLs provided can include tracker information if required.


6.1 All article is promoted through the chosen Category(s) on the ThisWeekinFM website.

6.1.1 Additional Categories may be used and is at the discretion of the TWinFM Editorial Team.

6.2 Regular promotional videos for articles on the ThisWeekinFM site will be produced, but the frequency of this is at the Editorial Team's discretion.

6.2.1 Promotion of articles in a promotional video cannot be guaranteed.

6.2.2 All ThisWeekinFM videos are hosted on the TWinFM YouTube Channel.

6.3 Articles will be promoted through the TWinFM Newsletter at the discretion of the TWinFM Editorial Team.

6.3.1 Promotion of specific articles in the TWinFM Newsletter cannot be guaranteed. 

6.4 Social Media Channels will be used to promote the articles, promotional videos and the Newsletter.

6.4.1 Specific articles may be promoted but cannot be guaranteed.

6.4.2 Social Media Channels include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

6.5 Any specific statistics achieved through promotional activity cannot be guaranteed.


7.1 Payments under £250 will be taken by credit card via a secure landing page (operated by Square).


8.1 The first invoice will be sent on receipt of a completed Order Acknowledgement form.

8.2 All invoices are to be paid within seven calendar days from invoice date.

8.3 Late payments of any invoice may incur an administration charge.

8.4 Interest will be payable on late payments at the rate of 4% above base rate from time to time.

8.5. reserves the right to withhold any part of the package if there is an outstanding invoice beyond 45 calendar days.


No part of the fee payable for this service is refundable at any time, unless otherwise agreed in writing.