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Thursday, 20 June

A Hot, Dry Cleaning Summer On The Horizon

VClean Life

A bit of a hot idea is coming to a city near you this summer - dry cleaning machines or more to the point dry cleaning drop off machines where you can drop your dirties off at one...and collect them fresh and spruced up at another.

But for customers to really benefit from the  VDrop idea, commercial property outlets and other likely locations will need to take on the stand-alone machines designed to eliminate the hassle of dry cleaning/laundry collection and delivery.


For the consumer

Fast functioning and easy to use, all you need is your unique QR code to book in ‘dirties’, drop off and go; and it’s just as easy to collect the ‘cleans’ too. QR codes are generated when you create your personal account with VClean via

With a tracking system, items are followed every step of the way using cameras and RFID technology to ensure that nothing is lost or damaged while in VClean’s care. Users can track their clothing as it goes through the cleaning process, before it is safely returned to a VDrop just 24 hours later ready for collection.


What do you need to install VDrop in your building?

There is no initial installation cost to join the network; all that is needed is an accessible 3m by 3m space, a permanent internet connection and a minimum of 500 people a day in the building.

If you are interested, a member of the VClean team will visit your premises and explore the possibilities of custom fitting the machine within your space. The VDrop can be wrapped to blend into any layout or design and the fixtures can be adjusted to work best for you and your building’s specific needs.

No money is taken at the VDrop, all payments for cleaning are taken remotely through the user’s online account. All service related queries are managed by VClean’s team with contact numbers are clearly displayed on the front of the VDrop and on VClean’s website.


Process & user costs

VClean has a 100% eco-friendly cleaning process using biodegradable soaps. There is also no resulting chemical odour and no ‘shine’ to clothing after cleaning.

VDrop - each item costs only £3.00 to be cleaned, the exceptions to this being shirts which are £2.50 and wedding dresses or premium textiles such as suede, fur, or leather pieces.

Picture: Dry cleaning made easy.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis


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