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Bartlett Mitchell Launches COVID-Safe Catering Solution

Bartlett Mitchell Launches COVID-Safe Catering Solution
24 August 2020

Catering services provider Bartlett Mitchell has announced the launch of “BM delivered”  to support clients looking for temporary food solutions during the post-COVID lockdown period.

The service will be offered to all clients facing reduced building footfall over the next few months, or those looking for individually packaged meals for safe distancing measures.

The ability to safely cater for a building’s occupants has been a challenge for workplace managers over the past few months. As well as having to manage social distancing and additional hygiene measures within in-house office catering, there’s also the potential for employee anxiety about visiting high street catering outlets to consider too.

Bartlett Mitchell’s solution aims to remove the need to leave a building to purchase lunch, offering a delivered alternative. 


“We understand the challenges some of our clients are facing and are looking at lots of different ways of supporting them during these difficult times"

–Francois Gautreaux

UK Managing Director, Bartlett Mitchell


Alternative to Visting the High Street To Buy Lunch and Groceries


Using an existing central production kitchen previously used for BM events, the company has integrated new technology to be able to deliver office meals and hospitality during the transition.

As part of the move, the company has developed its Pearpay app to fully embed it into its operations. This means people can place orders directly on the app for delivery to their desks.

“BM delivered” will include a wide range of meal options, from simple breakfasts or grab and go items for a restaurant or coffee bar, Bento Box meals for teams, to full hospitality for meetings and events. 

The company is also offering clients a “Cook at Home” range of take-home meal kits as well as a new 'Home Store' option for general groceries, again removing the need to visit the high street for employees.

Francois Gautreaux, UK Managing Director, Bartlett Mitchell, said: “We understand the challenges some of our clients are facing and are looking at lots of different ways of supporting them during these difficult times. ‘BM delivered’ can be an efficient and effective interim solution on our journey to full population."


The End of the City Lunch Rush?


The launch of services such as "BM delivered" might suggest that the high street lunch rush becomes a thing of the past. Initially, government guidelines indicated a concern that traditional office lunch hour culture might be a transmission risk. Bartlett Mitchell's offering seems to suggest that delivered catering may become a necessary provision in large buildings

Staggered start times and delayed lunch hours to limit overcrowding continues to be recommended, however, with the "eat out to help out" scheme encouraging us to support local eateries outside of work, will office workers be making those first tentative steps towards getting back to normal?

Picture: A photograph of a “BM delivered” packaged meal, showing some salad, fruit and a canned drink

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 24 August 2020


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