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Carpets in Commercial Properties – Five Maintenance Tips

14 April 2021

As workplaces begin to reopen, the appearance of a workspace is a key factor in inspiring employee confidence when returning to work.

Perhaps a workplace’s floor is a less obvious place to start, but amidst lockdown relaxation measures in England, the visual cleanliness and attractiveness of a building’s interior has a huge effect on our impression of a company. Creating a positive experience for employees and visitors can begin from the ground up, with a properly maintained and clean carpet. 

As a professional cleaning company which has been providing commercial cleaning services in and around London for several decades, there are few things the people at Clean & Tidy don't know about carpet maintenance. 

Emphatically, looking after a carpet in a commercial environment is very different from how you might maintain your carpet at home. For one thing, there is much more likelihood of a much higher footfall in an office, a showroom or a restaurant than there would be in a typical British home. 

What's more, you may take care every time you enter your home to ensure you don't tread any dirt in. All too often, workers and visitors to commercial premises fail to do the same. So, what do you need to know to make sure your company's carpet is properly maintained and enjoys a long life?


1. Maintain a Vacuuming Routine


When you fail to vacuum clean a carpet, you will end up with grime being ground into the fibres of it. Bear in mind that this is just as much the case with a deep pile carpet as it is with carpet tiles. Once the dirt is compressed into a carpet, it becomes much more difficult to remove effectively. Therefore, ensuring your carpet is vacuumed frequently will be the best way of stopping small amounts of grime from building up unnecessarily.


2. Consider Additional Protection With Extra Rugs 


Areas of high footfall, such as corridors and entranceways, will need even more thorough cleaning. To prevent damage from lots of pairs of feet, lay a rug down which will help to protect the carpet beneath. Rugs can be sacrificial and replaced after they have served their purpose, of course. Even better, you can obtain branded ones with your company logo on them.


3. Move Office Furniture to Manage Wear


When you create walkways in an office, the carpet in those areas will necessarily wear down more rapidly. To encourage people to walk in different ways on your carpet, simply reconfigure your office seating plan and shift workstations around to create new routes. As well as helping your carpet to survive longer in the areas it is most walked on, the damage from heavy items, like filing cabinets, can be shared around.


4. Limit Exposure to Sunlight


Carpets will suffer if they spend hours and hours in direct sunlight. Pull your blinds down or draw your curtains to protect them from ultraviolet light exposure in summer. Remember that a carpet that has faded on one side of a business premises, where the sun comes in, will look out of place compared to areas that retain their original look.


5. Perform Deep Cleans


Professional deep cleaning – using the sort of chemical cleaners you cannot obtain in supermarkets – will revive carpets and make them look as good as new in many cases. Having this sort of service delivered for you over a weekend or out-of-hours will mean everything looks professional once more. 

Picture: a photograph of a vacuum cleaner

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 14 April 2021


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