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Truvox International Brings Carpet Cleaning Manufacture Back to UK

Truvox International Brings Carpet Cleaning Manufacture Back to UK
25 May 2021

Truvox International has brought the manufacture of the popular floor-care brand Cimex from the United States back to the UK.

Cimex was acquired by Truvox in 2003 and in 2007, Truvox became part of the Tacony Corporation. In 2008, the manufacturing of Cimex products was moved to a facility in the United States.

“We’ve been working on bringing Cimex carpet and hard-floor cleaners back to the UK for the past three years,” says Truvox International Executive Director Gordon McVean.

“Now we are proud to announce that we’ve made a substantial investment to bring the manufacturing of this proven and popular floor-care range back to the UK.


Hygiene and Safety 


“Due to COVID-19, everyone is now much more aware of hygiene and health and safety, so business owners and facilities managers need to ensure that they’ve achieved a truly deep clean to reassure both staff and visitors," continued McVean.

"Shops, shopping centres, hotels and casinos have been closed for months due to the coronavirus pandemic, so efficient and effective Cimex three-brush technology has a hugely important role to play in restoring confidence for employees and visitors.”

Cimex machines provide a solution for hard, heavy-duty cleaning applications, and are not something you would use on a daily basis. High-footfall premises in every sector require a thorough deep-clean around every four to six months, but post-COVID, all premises now need to ensure they’ve achieved a truly deep clean. 

Cimex Encap™ is a high productivity, cost-effective, low moisture carpet cleaning system, which is ideal for use in hospitals, nursing homes, leisure centres, schools and hotels. The unique Cimex three-brush system – driven by a contra-rotating planetary drive disc – makes these heavy-duty carpet cleaners simple to operate and extremely efficient. The Cimex Encap process involves scrubbing specialised polymeric cleaning solution into a carpet and allowing it to dry. This process releases sticky soil from carpet fibres and ensures that it does not re-attach. As the Cimex-Encap solution dries, the encapsulated soil can then be vacuumed away.


British Manufacturing 


“Truvox International excels at manufacturing and being able to reinforce British manufacturing by saying ‘made in the UK’ is extremely important to us,” said McVean. “When we shared that we were bringing the manufacturing of Cimex back to the UK on social media at the start of the year, the reaction was really positive.

“Our customer base for Cimex is already truly international with customers in Japan, North America, Australia, and across Europe. For the time-being we’re keeping the yellow and blue branding for the Cimex range as it is so well-known in the industry. As we now begin the process of further developing and improving these already excellent machines, we can already see new sectors and markets opening for Truvox International and the Cimex range.”




Cimex also offers Cimex Cyclone, a powerful and effective multi-purpose scrubber/polisher, suitable for scrubbing, cleaning and polishing virtually every type of floor. Portable and easy to use, Cimex Cyclone is ideal for use in hospitals, nursing homes, leisure centres, schools and hotels. Cimex Cyclone’s big brother is Cimex HD, a heavy-duty three-brush machine for scarifying, industrial cleaning and floor preparation. Ideal for use in industrial units, foundries, cold stores, and in construction, Cimex HD is perfect for the removal of impacted oil, grease and debris from concrete floors, and for the keying of concrete for re-screeding and levelling.

Beyond carpet and hard surface cleaning, the Cimex range includes the robust and popular, portable Cimex X46 escalator sweeper – a proven dry system for daily maintenance. The powerful Cimex X46 escalator and travellator cleaner offers powerful cleaning and vacuuming performance, and delivers the perfect vacuuming and dry scrubbing solution for airports, underground stations, shopping centres and hotels. Cimex X46 is easy to use, requires minimal operator training, and does not require a person to handle the machine whilst in operation.

Picture: a photograph of two of Cimex floor cleaners being used, one in an indoor customer-facing setting on a carpet, and the other on an industrial unit's floor

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 25 May 2021


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