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Central London Maintenance Association Takes New Tech-Led Direction with BESA

Central London Maintenance Association Takes New Tech-Led Direction with BESA
22 June 2020 | Updated 27 October 2020

The Technology Enabled Maintenance Association (TEMA) is partnering with the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) to help accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies by the building maintenance sector. 

The Central London Maintenance Association (CLMA) has developed a new strategy around new and emerging technology in building services and has rebranded as TEMA, the Technology Enabled Maintenance Association.

The association will have a “purposeful emphasis” on operations and maintenance. 


“We recognised that the industry was at a renaissance-like juncture not seen in our industry for many years, that being the meteoric advances in building technology both in terms of hardware and software."

–Mike Green

Chairman, TEMA


Collaboration with BESA


Chairman Mike Green explained some of the additional benefits for members:


  • Greater collaboration with BESA to further the aims of the FM industry
  • Closer working relationship with BESA on industry standards such as SFG20
  • More involvement with the activities of BESA – specialist groups, regional meetings and webinars
  • To provide a forum for the dissemination and understanding of knowledge and assistance current technology
  • Using BESA’s expertise, presence and reach as a vehicle to further enhance the knowledge and skill set of the industry


TEMA (formerly CLMA) was formed on 19th May 1966, primarily to promote management excellence within the building maintenance industries, covering all aspects of building services plant and fabrics. 

Green told ThisWeekinFM that when he took over the chairmanship in July 2018, he felt there was only one direction for the committee to take:

“We recognised that the industry was at a renaissance-like juncture not seen in our industry for many years, that being the meteoric advances in building technology both in terms of hardware and software.

“Therefore we decided to re-brand the CLMA to TEMA - The Technology Enabled Maintenance Association.

“The effects of the global pandemic mean that we are in a vastly different landscape with uncharted topography. So our plan needed an ally which we have found in BESA, currently at the forefront of industry activity. So the scene has been set for a really successful future collaboration.”


"An Exciting Moment for Both Bodies"


BESA’s membership director Jason Hemingway commented: “This is a very exciting moment for both bodies. Having a single, focused forum like this will add a further dimension to our already highly experienced specialist group and opens up all sorts of opportunities across the world of FM. 

“It is particularly timely in light of the huge changes in the building engineering sector as we prepare to play our part in the UK economic recovery. The Prime Minister is calling for us to ‘build, build, build’, but it will be equally important to maintain, repair and improve the existing built environment. TEMA will help BESA members bring the latest cutting edge technology and expertise to bear on that task." 

Picture: A photograph of a person wearing high-vis clothing, writing on a clipboard 

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 22 June 2020


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