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Tuesday, 25 June

King Of The Castle For Dirty Rascals

Peckforton Castle

Rinnai continuous flow and solar panels have replaced a stored hot water system at Peckforton Castle - an historic home repurposed as a popular luxury hotel and spa.

The old direct fired stored hot water system was replace with two HDC 1500i units which were linked to solar panels as the main hot water heating source by contractor AP Mitchell.

The house - in the style of a castle - has featured many times in TV and film – Robin Hood in the mid-1980s - and Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who. Now it is a 48-bed room hotel and prestigious venue for corporate events and weddings.

Adam Mitchell of AP Mitchell said: “The brief from the client was to create a more efficient system and at the same time to enact a reduction in stored water volume to give savings in gas fuel consumption. But the new system had to still meet peak demand in the hotel, spa and event facilities.”

Rinnai’s HDC1500i continuous flow water heating units will reliably meet this brief. The range was developed to guarantee the maximum amount of affordable, ecologically friendly, safe-temperature controlled, hot water, on demand at any time, by even the busiest commercial user.

Both Rinnai HDC1500i internal and external units turn in an energy performance of 105% net efficiency. They can also be cascaded into Infinity Plus modules whereby a two or greater HDC1500 units can be manifolded to provide never ending ‘cascading’ hot water.

Installation is also straightforward and simple according to the company with each module comng with its own precision engineered rack, so there is no need to fabricate one or partake in adding pipework right up to the appliances. Simply connect the services pipework and the rack system will eliminate the plant tasks, streamlining the installation and helping keep remedial costs to a minimum.



A Rinnai unit used as a gas booster for solar systems will not only maximize solar gain, it will only use the correct amount of energy for the demand at the time and the rest of the time the unit remains inactive. It is this, the booster, that ensures never-ending hot water – no matter the demand, the conditions. Fossil fuel is only used when the renewable thermal energy store is below its set-point.

The Rinnai system produces usable hot water on demand, at the turn of a tap or the push of a shower button. The relatively compact footprint of the units also means they can be housed in tight spaces and still be easily accessible for maintenance and servicing.

Picture: Peckforton Castle.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis


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