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Friday, 19 July

No Crane, No Strain In Hot Water Gym Installation

Kent gym

Continuous flow hot water and heating systems have been installed outside a gym plant room - if they'd gone inside, a crane would have been required as part of the demolition and rebuild.

A Rinnai system was specified for replacing an old thermal store configuration a gym & fitness centre in Maidstone, Kent.

The site, one of the busiest gym and sports complex in the South-East, had been served by an old stored hot water heating system housed in a plant room accessible only via a gantry.


No crane

Rinnai proposed 3 x 1500e continuous flow hot water heating units cascaded to cope with the high demands. But the most important point for the site was that the Rinnai units could be installed externally to the space starved plant room, resulting in a freeing up of space and heavily reducing additional expenditure for the additional remedial works that would have been required if the site chose to replace like for like. This would have required the hiring of cranes and demolition work.

The installation was fully operational within a matter of days.



The three Rinnai 1500e units deliver almost 3,000 litres of hot water per hour - that is about 40% more than the previous system and, uses around 42% less fuel - mains gas in this case. Because the Rinnai configuration modulates to demand, the site needed about 2,700 litres per hour at the three peak times during the working day – which it did with room to spare.

The Rinnai offering to the site included a proven electrolytic limescale inhibitor - this maximises system efficiency in hard water areas. Limescale is said to decrease the efficiency of a hot water heating system over a very short period if left untreated.


Scale inhibitor kit

Rinnai offers a scale inhibitor kit for commercial hot water systems. This is independently tested and it is a low-maintenance way of protecting a property against the damaging and expensive impact of limescale.

It gives long lasting protection against the formation of hard limescale and ensures that bacteria have fewer places to hide because of cleaner surfaces.

Picture: An installation at a Kent gym was fully operational within a matter of days - if the hot water system had been replaced on a life for like basis, demolition work (and the hiring of a crane) would have been required.

Article written by Brian Shillibeer


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