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One Fifth of Workers Feel Working Remotely Means Less Recognition

One Fifth of Workers Feel Working Remotely Means Less Recognition
06 May 2021

20 per cent of UK office workers feel their work is at risk of going unnoticed because of working from home.

Working remotely has increased productivity and the number of hours worked for many, but some are concerned this extra effort won't be picked up on in the same way as when working in an office.

As many as a fifth of us feel it’s going unnoticed. 72 per cent feel that they received the same amount of recognition even when putting in additional work, with just 8 per cent feeling they gain more recognition while working remotely.

However, the survey of 1,085 UK office workers carried out by Ezra in April 2021, did reveal that most feel secure in their role. Just 1 per cent of those surveyed stated that they were worried that a move towards remote working for the long term would see them lose their job as their role outsourced.


A Culture of Presenteeism?


The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development recently reported that 77 per cent of employers have observed presenteeism in employees who are working from home in the last year, which may be as a result of feeling at risk of being undervalued.

The survey of 668 people professionals, representing 2.7 million employees, also found leaveism – working outside of contracted hours or using annual leave to work or when ill – is an issue, with seven in ten (70 per cent) employers observing this unhealthy behaviour over the same period.


Higher Productivity


It remains to be seen to what extent we will return to a full working environment, as COVID restrictions see many continue to work from home for part of, if not their whole working week.

There are, of course, positives to this change in the way we work and the research by Ezra shows that 44 per cent of us feel more productive within our role as a result. 42 per cent also feel their productivity hasn’t changed when comparing working from home to the office, with just 15 per cent stating they get less done working remotely.

55 per cent of workers also stated that they would be more likely to work additional hours to those required while working from home.

Picture: a photograph of a person working from home at a desk

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 06 May 2021


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