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Self Care, Technology and Brand Awareness – RE:Connect Highlights

Self Care, Technology and Brand Awareness – RE:Connect Highlights
18 March 2021

ThisWeekinFM's Workplace Excellence channel at RE:Connect hosted a variety of sessions from several industry speakers – and you can catch with them on-demand now.

In a completely free online conference, we hosted professionals from several backgrounds including: FM, workplace strategy, sustainability, and corporate real estate

If you were unable to attend RE:Connect, all sessions are now available to watch on-demand.




Here are some of the channel highlights:


Outsourcing and Maintaining Customer Excellence


We heard from Jess Pritchard from Moneypenny and Simon Booth, Head of Premises & Facilities at Moore Kingston Smith, as they discussed the benefits of an outsourced switchboard provision, the set-up process, and how it could help you cut costs in 2021.

Booth spoke about how, after realising calls were being missed and not answered in a timely fashion, Moore Kingston Smith turned to communications outsourcing to tackle the problem. He explained how he needed a system that still retained a personal touch for callers and the same excellent customer service.

He also gave his guidance on anyone looking to procure call outsourcing:

"The first thing you should consider, as with any outsourcing is to be clear about your goals and objectives, as this will keep you focussed and give you the ability to benchmark through the projects. What you're looking to achieve can easily be lost if not.

It's also important to keep the stakeholders, internal clients and staff on board throughout because people react in different ways to change. Don’t lose sight of change management - people can become overly focussed on technical elements, but this is about people and conversations essentially.”

You can watch the full thirty-minute session here. 


jessica and simon

Picture: a screenshot from a RE:Connect session showing Jessica Pritchard and Simon Booth


Workplace Reinforcing Brand Identity


Founder and Managing Director of SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL Alan Williams joined us to discuss the power facilities have on a company’s brand identity.

When you see an organisation’s logo emblazoned across a building, it is easy to understand how corporate real estate can contribute to the organisation’s brand identity. But have you considered how the organisation’s brand and values are reinforced or detracted from when you enter the building, with the design of the space, the range and level of facilities and services provided, and the behaviour of the people delivering these services?  

Williams took us through a hypothetical example of an organisation not outwardly reflecting its core values, and the effect on its workforce and reputation. He also spoke about how a brand is defined not by its owners, but by its staff: “A brand isn’t owned by the company, it is co-owned by all of the stakeholders."

Catch up with William's session here.


Energy for Health, Safety and Performance


Dr. Jo Lichten is a recognized expert in the areas of workplace productivity and performance, and she spoke about motivation and realistic strategies for improving workplace performance, achieving optimal work/life integration and preventing burnout. 

She is an accredited health professional (RDN), with her doctorate in Adult Education (Texas A&M) focusing on the area of change management.  For seven years, Dr. Jo coached C-suite executives on how to power up performance while avoiding burnout at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute. 



Picture: a photograph of Dr. Jo Lichten


Demonstrating practical strategies to sustain concentration, focus, and stamina in order to improve productivity and prevent burnout, Dr.Jo shared stories of how other organisations have successfully made these shifts.

She said: "In the same way that our computers and cars require energy, so do we. When people learn how to generate more energy in this human 'machine', they become more productive without feeling completely exhausted."

View Dr. Jo's session, and all other REConnect talks, here.

Picture: a photograph of an office interior, showing a breakout area with armchairs and a large feature lamp

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 18 March 2021


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