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World’s First Personal Defibrillator Launches in the UK

31 March 2022

Every day, 150 people in the UK die from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. The makers of the world’s first personal defibrillator are on a mission to reduce that number.


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Only Half of UK Adults Know Where a Defibrillator is in the Workplace


The vast majority of sudden cardiac arrests happen in the home or the workplace, striking quickly and with little to no warning. If a victim does not receive CPR or defibrillation within the first ten minutes, they will not survive.

New research carried out amongst the UK population reveals that only 18 per cent of people would feel confident using a defibrillator if they witnessed a loved one suffering a sudden cardiac arrest. This drops to 16 per cent if the victim is a stranger. 

Findings suggest that the main barrier holding people back from using a defibrillator in an emergency is a lack of training (43 per cent); followed by a lack of confidence (41 per cent), and a fear of causing further damage (35 per cent).

The research also suggests that only half of UK adults know where a defibrillator is when at work. Useable and accessible defibrillators are key to combating this issue,and facilities managers have a crucial role to play in bettering access to defibrillators. 


Portable Defibrillators for the Workplace


CellAED®, developed by Rapid Response Revival®, has been created to increase access to defibrillators and overcome barriers to their use. The world’s first personal, portable defibrillator is designed to improve the chances of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest. 

CellAED®’s unique Snap Peel Stick design means the device is quick and easy to use, even by someone with no medical training. CellAED® is up to one-tenth of the price, size, and weight of current technology, and makes at-home defibrillator ownership a possibility.


Increasing Awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in the UK


Improving the UK’s access to defibrillators is just one part of the solution. Only one third (33 per cent) of UK adults would be able to recognise the signs of sudden cardiac arrest and just (26 per cent) know how they differ from heart attacks. 

With only 18 per cent of people in the UK having had CPR training in the last two years, confidence to step in during an emergency is currently low. But the appetite for training is high – over two thirds (68 per cent) of UK adults would like to learn CPR to be able to better help. 

Benjamin Culff, who was just 17 years old when he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while at work as a waiter, said, “Thanks to the quick action of my courageous colleagues and the fact that there was an onsite defibrillator in my workplace, I was given a second chance. Since my cardiac arrest, I have dreamt of there being a mini defibrillator that could be easily used in homes and offices and it’s amazing to see that Rapid Response Revival® has realised those dreams. My story is testament to the fact that sudden cardiac arrest really can strike anyone, anywhere at any time.”

NHS guidance on recognising the signs and symptoms of heart attack and cardiac arrest is available here

Picture: Image Credit: CellAED®

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 31 March 2022


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