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Ammonia to Hydrogen Project Backed by Government

01 June 2022 | Updated 08 June 2022

Tyseley Energy Park is to host a world-leading ammonia to hydrogen project with new government backing.

A consortium led by Gemserv has secured around £6.7 million from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to deliver the Tyseley Ammonia to Green Hydrogen Project, through the Net Zero Innovation Portfolio Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 Competition.

The project aims to design, build, commission, and operate the world’s largest and most efficient ammonia to hydrogen conversion unit of its kind. The demonstration unit is based on innovative technology developed by H2SITE and is located at Tyseley Energy Park, a strategic energy and resource hub in the West Midlands.


“The UK is truly leading the world in hydrogen innovation thanks to the exciting efforts of companies such as those delivering the Tyseley Ammonia to Green Hydrogen project"


– Greg Hands
Energy Minister, UK Government


The 2030 Target


It forms part of the UK Government’s commitment to enable 10GW of hydrogen production capacity by 2030, with projections indicating that hydrogen will form up to 35 per cent of UK final energy consumption by 2050. This looks promising for fulfilling the UK’s first-ever hydrogen strategy that was revealed in August 2021, defining the energy source as critical in the country’s target of net-zero emissions by 2050. The ability to both effectively store large quantities of energy under a dispatchable form, and make use of cost-effective hydrogen generation located far from end users, will be key to delivering the security and flexibility required by the future energy system.

However, at present, the economics and efficiency limitations of transporting hydrogen over long distances present barriers for widespread adoption.


Going the Distance


The project aims to address these challenges by harnessing technology innovation and well-established ammonia supply chains, and in doing so position the UK at the forefront of an emerging global market. The demonstration unit will deliver 200kg/day of transport-grade hydrogen to an existing and co-located hydrogen refuelling station, equipped to service buses, goods vehicles and passenger cars.

The consortium estimates that over 97,000 jobs and £16bn GVA could be delivered in the UK through early investment in cracking technologies that enable the use of ammonia as a hydrogen carrier. The consortium is actively pursuing opportunities for investment in order to roll out further sites in the UK.

“The UK is truly leading the world in hydrogen innovation thanks to the exciting efforts of companies such as those delivering the Tyseley Ammonia to Green Hydrogen project," said Energy Minister Greg Hands.

“The government support which they have received today will help to boost the development of hydrogen as the clean, affordable, homegrown superfuel of the future.”


Solutions for Net Zero


Alex Goody, Chief Executive Officer at Gemserv, said: “Gemserv is thrilled to be leading the Tyseley Ammonia to Green Hydrogen consortium to deliver this ground-breaking innovative project. As a company, we strive to be at the heart of the energy transition, supporting our partners to deliver the technologies and solutions required for Net Zero. Hydrogen is a key solution for decarbonising the energy sector and we are excited to be a part of this project which will help to deliver low cost, low carbon hydrogen for the future energy system.”

David Horsfall, Director at Tyseley Energy Park said: “We are delighted that our low and zero carbon refuelling station will be the base of a first-of-a-kind green ammonia to hydrogen facility. At Tyseley Energy Park (TEP) we are committed to working with partners, to find solutions that will underpin the transition to low or zero carbon future and this project will put Birmingham and the West Midlands at the forefront of the next green industrial revolution.”

Andrés Galnares, CEO of H2SITE: “Ammonia is one of the most promising, fast growing, hydrogen carriers. H2SITE’s integrated membrane reactor technology can convert it into H2 locally with highest efficiency in the market, reaching fuel cell purity without moving parts.”

Rinnai have been closely monitoring the developing Hydrogen power market in both commercial and residential markets for more sustainable water heating. Chris Goggin most recently examines American interest and usage of hydrogen as a major contributor towards future decarbonising of domestic energy options. Its market size could influence European and furthermore global power trends in the near future.

Picture: a hydrogen power planet graphic.

Article written by Bailey Sparkes | Published 01 June 2022


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