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Analytics That Help Create Workplaces That Work

Workplace Analytics
03 October 2019

Which seating plan results in the best collaborative output? Knowing the most productive interior layout and environment means occupiers can design and operate their offices with particular outcomes in mind, it has been suggested.

Which arrangement of breakout areas delivers the most creative solutions? What environment delivers the most productive workforce? Being able to benchmark office design with some of the world’s best-known brands can provide insight into which people-oriented office designs are most likely to retain and attract the best talent.

That is the opinion of BuroHappold, a company among the very first to connect data and analytics with building performance, wellbeing and productivity, space quality and utilisation.

A BuroHappold spokesperson said: "The real-time design, visualisation and reporting capability of our system has the potential to revolutionise how commercial office space is planned, used and monitored.

"Powered by our Workplace Analytics engine, we have a planning tool that enables clients to participate in optimising the design and operations of their facilities. This provides easy to digest insights into the quality of environment along with how and why space is used. Building performance and staff wellbeing are also assessed.

"Workplace Analytics provides a real-time, interactive ‘day in the life’ model. This tool empowers key decision makers by enabling them to rapidly test scenarios and options to see which one delivers the best possible outcomes."

Picture: The Workplace Analytics platform enables users to quickly monitor and gain insights from their buildings and estates to make more informed decisions.


To find out how the Workplace Analytics tool is helping deliver value for Vodafone - Click Here


Article written by Cathryn Ellis | Published 03 October 2019


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