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Apple Vision Pro – Spatial Computers in the Workplace

Apple Vision Pro – Spatial Computers in the Workplace
08 June 2023

Apple has unveiled its first spatial computer, Apple Vision Pro. Let’s take a look at how it might be used in modern workplaces.


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The headset features a three-dimensional interface that means apps appear side by side at any scale, allowing for a customisable screen for deep work. With infinite screen space, the system promises to make multitasking a doddle.

For creative work, the display can be made to feel 100 feet wide, with immersive spatial audio making it perfect for reviewing photos and videos.

It also supports Apple’s Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, so it complements existing Mac setups.


Video Calling and Collaboration


Forget flat video calls, FaceTime calls with Apple Vision Pro make work meetings a fully immersive experience. Everyone on calls is reflected in life-size tiles, and other users wearing Vision Pros are presented as a “Persona” – a digital avatar of themselves which reflects face and hand movements in real-time. Spatial Audio ensures that teammates sound as if they are are speaking right from where they are positioned.

Users can do things together like watch a movie, browse photos, or collaborate on a presentation.

EyeSight, where others can still see the user's eyes whilst wearing the Vision Pro, is also intended to overcome the barrier of it feeling strange or alien to communicate with this type of technology. When a user is immersed in an environment or using an app, EyeSight gives visual cues to others about what the user is focused on. 


Quiet Working


Not everyone has the luxury of a well-appointed home office space, with attractive pot plants, an adjustable desk and an aesthetically-pleasing wall to act as a meeting backdrop.

With Apple’s Environments, a user’s world can grow beyond the dimensions of a physical room with landscapes that can help them focus or reduce clutter in busy spaces. A user can control how present or immersed they are in an environment. Think calming beaches, blue skies, or the minimalist office of your dreams.


Movement and Wellbeing


The headset essentially provides a private, portable 4K display, meaning your screen can travel with you, whether you’re seated or standing. The health benefits of standing up and moving throughout the workday are widely documented. An Australian study found that workers who spent time more standing and moving in the course of a week had lower levels of blood sugar and cholesterol. Standing desks have also gained huge popularity, and with wearable spatial computers like the Apple Vision Pro, this way of working is open to those who may not have specialist equipment.

Picture: a photograph of a person sitting at a desk wearing the Apple Vision Pro. Image Credit: Apple

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 08 June 2023


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