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Audio Visual Technology - Try Leasing

12 October 2018

Brett Clark of AV specialists, Electrosonic, looks at the benefits of leasing audio visual technology solutions.

In recent years there has been an increase in organisations leasing equipment to serve the business needs over an outright purchase. The leasing market has experienced significant growth as suppliers have introduced new ways to finance equipment.

White Clarke Groups’ Global Leasing Report 2018 has revealed that, in 2016, the top 50 countries reported growth in leasing from US$ 1,005.30 billionn in 2015 to US$ 1,099.77 billion – a rise of 9.4%.

With this in mind, if you are looking to upgrade your meeting space capabilities, audio visual leasing should be something to seriously consider. Not only does it move the costs from CapEx to OpEx, as the design, installation and service elements are integrated, the benefits can be felt across the business - facilities management, IT, heads of departments and end users.


Flexible space

Due to the rise of huddle spaces, hot-desking and shared working facilities, workplaces are becoming more flexible - and audio visual technology improvements are at the heart of this change as organisations adapt to support the needs of the modern working environment. A state-of-the-art audio visual system gives employees access to the latest and most efficient technologies – enabling them to pop into the office to present a seamless client meeting while still being ‘on the go'.

The driving forces behind companies looking to make upgrades are usually a combination of one or more of the points below:

  • Ageing meeting room technology resulting in high maintenance and support costs.

  • Audio visual interconnecting with entire IT infrastructure.

  • Non-standardised technology across office locations.

  • The need for simple collaboration across company networks.

  • High levels of meeting room faults reducing productivity.

The impact of poorly functioning technology is felt daily across organisations, from setting the wrong tone in a client meeting to not being able to meet a project deadline.

With technology being central to almost every part of our working lives, there are rising pressures on IT staff who must find additional hours in the day to resolve problems that result from technology failures. Often, because of the initial capital outlay, the technology purchased has to stay in place despite it no longer being fit for purpose.


Leasing is common

Organisations requiring meeting room upgrades or undertaking office refurbishment now have the flexibility to lease audio visual solutions. The leasing model is already commonplace across businesses today, from mobile phones to company cars. Businesses wouldn’t think twice about leasing photocopiers – so why not your audio visual solutions?


Investigating financial benefits

Leasing makes it simple to attribute the cost of meeting rooms directly to the P&L of specific branches or teams to reflect their differing requirements - as you are effectively ‘buying by the yard'. If one department, floor or territory needs several 12-person meeting rooms while another requires smaller 6-person rooms, it becomes easier to reallocate the respective costs. It also makes spend for future expansions easier to predict.

Predictable monthly outgoings.

  • Budgets reflect differing usage.

  • No call-outs or breakdown charges.

  • Easy to budget for new spaces and changing requirements.


Reducing Risk

Typically, businesses expect to sweat an asset for 7-10 years - however, a lot can change within business, even over 12 months, particularly in the technology world with constant product releases. Leasing gives you the flexibility to integrate new product releases and software, adapt to changing working practices, as well as switching up devices. New technologies can maximise productivity as well as ensuring that your organisation has the kind of communications infrastructure that attracts and keeps staff.


  • Maintain up-to-date technology.

  • Flexibility to meet changing business needs.

  • Maximise productivity.

  • Maintain competitive edge.


Tailoring solutions to suit your business

Standardised room systems that bring consistency to user experience allows employees to focus on the content and outputs of their meeting. Let's face it, when you're presenting to a client or a new prospect, no one wants red faces or valuable selling time taken up by working out how to connect. Standardised meeting rooms and training using the latest equipment can also benefit IT support allowing for proficiencies and motivated staff.


  • Increased reliability.

  • Reduction in support costs.

  • Faster deployment for new rooms .

  • Consistent user experience.

  • Increased adoption rates.


Electrosonic's approach to leasing

To make life simple, we lease on meeting room size - offering audio visual design, installation, preventative maintenance and managed support for meeting rooms and collaboration spaces, all as part of a contract.

For a monthly fee, you get a space that is designed for your organisation, suited to your needs. With technology installed and ready to go, we provide 24/7 support whenever you need it.

You can integrate managed services into your leasing agreement, bringing additional benefits such as extended product warranties and regular servicing – which will extend your system's lifetime, maximise uptime and reduce unnecessary operational costs.

Also, in addition to reducing the toll on your department, the benefits will be felt throughout the organisation - with fixed monthly costs, audio visual leasing solutions should be something you are investigating for your next upgrade. 

It really is that simple.

Picture: If you want the best in audio visual technology solutions, why not consider leasing?

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About Electrosonic

Founded in 1964, Electrosonic has been recognised for its technology master planning and system integration. With a global capability, the company deliver highly complex, world-class projects, conference room technology and executive briefing centres across a multitude of sectors including financial services, professional business, entertainment - theme parks, museums and visitor centres,

gaming and hospitality, technology and media, energy and utilities.

Electrosonic provides a comprehensive scope of technical and professional services with expertise in ICT and Network Infrastructure, Security, Surveillance and Access Control, Audio, Video and Control Systems.

Hawley Mill, Hawley Road, Dartford, Kent, DA2 7SY - UK


Author: Brett Clark

Business Development Consultant

d. 01322 282217 m. 07920 872466


Article written by Brett Clark | Published 12 October 2018


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